Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I got a secret


I'm house sitting for a very weathy friend of mine. While he , his daughter and his latest S.O. are spending the winter season in Aspen, my mom and I are watching his beach front home in Malibu and okay you won't see any A-list actors walking down the beach you have the plus of having the beach all to yourself. It is sheer heaven! Despite the fact that it's going to rain this aftrenoon and it's freezing out here there are surfers in the ocean. They love the surf before and after it rains for the ocean swells are higher after a storm.

After Christmas shopping I stopped by Dukes, a beachside bar and restaurant in Malibu. I started to talk to the bartender , who is also, surprise , surprise an actor as well as has written a screenplay, what are the odds. In this town it would be strange if the bartendar wasn't an actor! We started talking about our dreams and about what he called late bloomers. For example, the great writer Count Leo Tolstoy was well into his forties when he started his career as a writer and what a writer he was! A friend gave me the book "The Secret" and what I got from it is that the main secret of getting what we want is knowing what we want! Most of us seem to spend our engery out of focus, not truly looking into our talents and passions therefore not knowing our true potential and power. Knowing what you truly want is the real secret of success for how can you be happy if you are wasting your energy on everything but following your dream? Besides it seems to me it not reaching success that brings joy but the journey to success. Just a thought!

Merry Christmas!
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Aggie said...

Oh Lucky you. Have a great Christmas and New Year. Keep cherishing those dreams for 2009.

-K- said...

I think even a cold rain in Malibu would be kind of fun, maybe even more memorable than yet another sunny California day.

I bought "The Secret" video on the advice of a friend. I wasn't entirely comfortable telling the Universe what I think I should have. But I did like someone's (Marianne Williamson's?) suggestion to add "This or something better, I leave it to you" at the end of the request for this or that.

claytonia vices said...

"not reaching success that brings joy but the journey to success"

I so believe in that!!

Miyonao said...

That's absolutely true. I agree with everything you say. First time read your blog... Happy New Year to you!