Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The kindness of Gaiman

This photo was taken seconds after Gaiman's Diva snap of the fingers, he was in a great rush but this sweet, pretty fan asked him to pose with her and despite the fact that he was in a hurry he took the time to pose. What a great guy!

Keep scrollin down for more cool shots. I will post more shots of the Comic Con during this week. Plus, a shot of Kiss's Gene Simons (think I mispelled the name) who was also a real gent!
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Gaiman sighting

Throughout the Comic Con I often saw the great writer Neil Gaiman zoom by like the Flash but I never met him face to face. I had a chance when I became a memeber to C.B.L.D.F. they gave me a signing ticket that assured me an encounter with the great man. But I gave it to a much younger female fan. She and her two man child friends were sitting behind me at the "Spotlight on Neil Gaiman". She was so excited , calling Neil her boyfriend! Which was odd for one of the very cute blond man child was her boyfriend. All three were ardent fans , so after the siginging I gave them my ticket knowing all three would manage to meet him and it would mean so much to them! After all I'm not that special and what could I say to the great man that he hasn't heard a million and one times before,"I love your work, "American Gods" (a great book!) is my favorite! blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...".

While sitting at the hotel bar, resting my blisters, sipping a beer and painting I heard these guys at the table next to me shout out ;"NEIL!" I looked up and the handsome writer was standing right in front of me! I shouldn't have but took out my camera and took this shot.

This was the only time I saw the great man act like a diva. After talking with these men he snapped his fingers to his entourage, who had just settled down and watch them dash after him as he flashed away like summer lightning.
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Con Men

There were a lot of cool custumes at the Con. They guys are just fan! Cool don't you think? See more scroll down.
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Blogger S.O.S

So far I've been able to post a photo of the hotel I stayed in during my visit to the Comic Con in San Diego -the Hotel de Coronado. A Bat Man figure made of legos and a large Sandman poster that I thought was so cool! Can anyone tell me how you can post more than one photo on a page? I'm going bananas!
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Monday, July 30, 2007

King Con

I've been to many conventions in my life but the ComicCon is the mother of all cons! It's a monster! But great fun! I haven't had so many blisters on my feet since I was a ballet dancer! At first I was bummed out that I couldn't book a room at the venue hotel but now I feel it was a blessing that I decided to stay at the Hotel de Coronado. I could drive my car to the ferry port , park for free, take the ferry for $6.00 dollars round trip and walk to the Con! Then during the evening I would take the ferry back dine on the island and walk along a moonlit beach cooling my blisters in the cool ocean water. (Plus it was a full moon making the beach and the hotel look magical!) Took some great photos but I don't know how to post them to this site (if anyone can tell me how to do posts them I would be grateful.) I got to see the screening of the movie "StarDust". Now, I'm a biggggggggggggggggggggggg Neil Gaiman fan! I thought the book "Stardust", was enchanting but the movie was a little flawed. There seem to be no chemsity between the two young leading actors, (Claire Danes , a brillant actress check out her film "Stage Beauty " & pretty boy Charlie Cox), Michelle Pfeiffer was breathtaking to look at but played the role of evil witch a little too campy, Robert DeNiro ran away with the movie and gave it life and the final fight scene of good and evil went on to long. It was beautiful eye candy but the music swelled to project dramatic tension instead of using the actors to show their distress. I would had walked out but it was a screening and Neil Gaiman was there in the lobby and I didn't want to be rude and walked out.

Read Neil Gaiman's book "Stardust" (hey, read anything by Neil Gaiman) but don't rush out and see "Stardust"! Oh yes, and if you have children DON'T take them to it! It's very violent! There were two little girls behind me and at one point after the third animal was gutted the little girl jumped into her fathers lap and kept her head buried in his chest!

Still, I gained a new respect for the writer Neil Gaiman! I would see him flash through the hotel and Con floors with the speed of summer lightning and he still found time to write in his blog!

I would return to my hotel room so exhausted I could barely fill out my room service card!

But if you ever want to have a great time do attend the Comic Con in San Diego.

That's all folks.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Read it and weep

Harry Potter mania has hit the US. This morning I went to the small book store in Larchmont Village and the workers told me that they were open at 12 midnight to sell the latest Harry Potter book and after twenty minutes they were SOLD OUT! That they had to stay open because of the pre-order people had to pick up their books like junkies picking up their next fix. I have never read a Harry Potter book and seen two of the film and they were charming but still I don't get it! But God bless that woman for inflaming people (not only children) to read! How delightful that Ameicans can be as passionate about a book as they are about the Super Bowl or the World Series!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

The art of seduction...

A fellow female yoga student once told me that she didn't have a boyfriend because she was so pretty that most guys thought she must have a boyfriend and therefore never asked her out? OKAY?????????????? She was a very lovely lady and I've found that even if a man thinks you may have a boyfriend doesn't stop him from making a pass at you! I'm no great beauty but men always say that they find me attractive. Yesterday when I walked into my favorite sports bar to watch the Dodger game I kept getting drinks, plus a $5.oo bill to put music on the new computer juke box and when the bartendar gave me someone else's shot; " Hey; isn't that my shot?" yelled the guy across from me. "Oh, I haven't touched it please take it!" I said. He said "That's okay." Then spoke to the bartendar "She so damn cute, she can have whatever she wants!" When I asked for my bill it was only six dollars. "How can that be?" I asked. "Well, everyone, including myself bought you a drink!" Thank goodness I was house sitting for a friend in South Pasadena for I was in no condtion to drive! And I call my booze and I know that it would be at a very high bar bill!
The only curse of beauty is the fact that it doesn't last and a woman's face is her fortune. Men don't care if a woman is brillant, kind, interesting, educated and charming. Men seem only to want arm candy.Thus brillant and weathy men with younger bottle blond arm candy.I'm not bitter, it's just what it is. It is what it as. So enjoy while we can ladies!!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007


Why do people fear Fridayt the Thirteenth? One reason it's considered bad luck is due to the fact that there were thirteen mean at the last supper and Chirst was killed on a friday.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Silence of the lambs...

"Yoga is the settling of the mind into silence." The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

If you notice there is no mention of chatarungas, triangle pose or even close your eyes and say "OM". Often when I meet a new student I'll ask them why they chose yoga and often they'll say they want to learn to relax. One way to do this is to quiet that continual inter- dialogue in our head and most the time that dialogue is a repeat of the same old song. So often we do start the class with a few chants of "OM" to help us settle the mind from those thoughts such as..."I really need to lose five pounds, should I stop by the supermarket after class or maybe the cleaners first, if I stop by the cleaners first I might get caught in the after work traffic on Main Street, then there will be smaller lines if I go the supermarket first, gee I got to lose weight, maybe I don't have to stop by the cleaners today, do they yoga pants make my butt look big , I really need to lose five more pounds..." And the beat goes on. So we start with the sound of OM because you can't hold two thoughts at the same time.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Indecent proposal

This afternoon while shopping at Vons supermarket a middle age red headed woman came up to me and stated ;"I love your hat; is it your favorite hat for I'll buy it off you for $5.00?" Well, it's not my "favorite" hat but I like it a lot. I was wearing a pink Boston Red Sox baseball cap I bought it while attending a yoga conference in Boston last year. And I loved my trip to Boston and I'm rather fond of my cap and it's worth more than $5.00! I told her no, I wouldn't sell it for five dollars. Then she told me how she was on a first date with a guy who had a Corvette and the top was down and her hair was flying all over the place and she asked him to take her there for a StarBucks coffee and she thought she could buy a hat at the Vons to cover her hair but they don't sell hats at Vons Supermarket. Well, it's a supermarket princess! I said why not as him to take you to a mall so you can pick up a hat and she stated that she didn't want him to think that she was that kind of girl. Well, she was a woman not a girl and she was rather rude, for I would had given her the hat if she wasn't so much into my face. I stated that I really was sorry that I was really like the cap for I am a Boston Red Sox fan and that her hair looked great even after it had been flying around. I suggested why not put her hair in a braid? Or ask the guy to put the top on. She then barked ;"It's five dollars or nothing!" I said sorry nothing! Hey, if she was nice; I would had given her the hat but she was such a rude princess I thought if a guy is so shallow to dump you for your hair maybe its for the best!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

uck be a lady tonight! Okay, it 07/07/07 , lucky seven! So my favorite yoga teacher decides tohav eus do seven hundred (yes, you read correctly 700) sun salutations today! Luck day? I feel as if I broke my back!

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Foot fetish

One of my favorite web sites is called "Pet of the Day" , a site that shows cute critters like mice, rats, birds , hamsters ... you get the idea. But today their question was : "Does your pet's feet smell like popcorn or Fritos?" Okay? Who goes around smelling their pet's feets? I use to get grossed out when my boyfriend would put my foot in his mouth! Okay; too much information. Still, I don't want to smell the feet of someone I love let alone an animal I love!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

And the rocket's red glare...

"And the rocket's red glare, the bombs busting in air"
Damn; what a firework show my neighbors give me! I was wise and water down my yard for who knows where these rockets may land. What goes up must come down! The only thing I'm worried about is the wild cats I've been feeding not to mention my opossum. These noises freak out the critters.

You're a grand old flag

It's the Fourth of July so I had to hang out Old Glory. My neighbor really went all out! Flags all shape and sizes drapped over her home plus one huge one the size of her garage door on her garage door! Okay, we get it!

Loved driving down the freeway on a Legal Holiday! If only it could be such an easy drive everyday! Well, I can dream can't I? However, the CHP was out crime busten! I never seen so many flashing lights since I've been in a dance club! Like cockroaches they came out of no where! They didn't catch me but then even though I love speed I don't over do it. Because of the open freeway guys were zooming down the freeway as if they were on the Autobahn. What's the rush? I wonder if when the CHP pull these jokers over they ask them; "Where's the fire?"

James gave a kick-ass yoga class and it was packed! Being the last class of the day it was filled up! Sardine yoga! Even though the class was in the BIG ROOM still could barely fit everyone in. After class I felt like cooked pasta, if you threw me up against the wall I would had stuck to it!

So far all is quiet on the Western Front. But my neighbors have been lighting firecrackers for weeks! Tonight I don't have to go to a special park to see a firework show but sit out on my front lawn and watch my neighbors shoot out their Legal Fireworks they got at TJ. Bottle rockets, rockets, cherry bombs after they're done the air smells as if a major battle had be fought.

Well, kick back, open a can of beer, fire up the barrie and relax! It's the Fourth of July! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Room with a view....

My mother loves watching the T.V. show "The View" don't know why; it's just a show with four very annoying woman shouting over each other to state their "views". Today was a repeat and Ms. Walter stated that a current study show that "Thinner women are happier than overweight women". You think? I've known a lot of very insecure, depressed, neurotic anorexic women and some very upbeat interesting Rubenques women in my life. Strange to say when I was heavier I got more male attention than when I was a size zero dancer! My gal pal said that was because men felt threaten by me when I was so thin and pretty (her words not mind) Don't know. Still, I believe if thinner woman are indeed happier it's because when you're thin you get so much postive re-enforcement! When I started losing weight again women were asking me if I was losing weight and what was I doing. I constantly heard how good I was looking when I was dropping the pounds. Even men said I was looking good. We're such an image conscious world. Why do we even care about Paris Hilton, the only reason I can see she is rich, thin and looks great in clothes. When I was working at the City the number one subject of conversation was weight loss. "I need to lose more weight, I'm on a diet, I on a new exercise program, I still need to loss more weight!" It was like some sick mantra. Even my boss woman , who was a very tiny person always lamented that she needed to lose weight, it was depressing! I started losing weight when I got out of a very toxic and unhappy relationship, when I became happier with myself. Still, I wonder are thinner women happier?

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Ara grata artis

There is a really bad joke that goes, what do you call a man with no arms or legs on a wall? Answer : Art.

Truth to tell, I'm beginning to think the best art around can be view not in a museum's wall but on many a human body. Today while shopping at the Larchmont Farmer's Market I saw one young woman with the most interesting tattoo of a vine of ivy wrap around her left arms. She reninded me a little of Batman's Poison Ivy. The detail and the color of each leaf was beautiful. Still, I wonder why people make the choices they do in body art. I may like a rose one day but the next prefer a butterfly so I'm tattoo free. There is one guy in my yoga class that has more holy images on his body than the Sistine Chapel. Which makes me wonder, when you have the image of Christ or the Blessed Virgin on your body how can you engage and enjoy real wild sex? Sorry, but my Roman Catholic guilt couldn't engage in an act of pleasure with a man with such images on his body even if he had the body and mind of an Apollo!