Sunday, July 8, 2007

Indecent proposal

This afternoon while shopping at Vons supermarket a middle age red headed woman came up to me and stated ;"I love your hat; is it your favorite hat for I'll buy it off you for $5.00?" Well, it's not my "favorite" hat but I like it a lot. I was wearing a pink Boston Red Sox baseball cap I bought it while attending a yoga conference in Boston last year. And I loved my trip to Boston and I'm rather fond of my cap and it's worth more than $5.00! I told her no, I wouldn't sell it for five dollars. Then she told me how she was on a first date with a guy who had a Corvette and the top was down and her hair was flying all over the place and she asked him to take her there for a StarBucks coffee and she thought she could buy a hat at the Vons to cover her hair but they don't sell hats at Vons Supermarket. Well, it's a supermarket princess! I said why not as him to take you to a mall so you can pick up a hat and she stated that she didn't want him to think that she was that kind of girl. Well, she was a woman not a girl and she was rather rude, for I would had given her the hat if she wasn't so much into my face. I stated that I really was sorry that I was really like the cap for I am a Boston Red Sox fan and that her hair looked great even after it had been flying around. I suggested why not put her hair in a braid? Or ask the guy to put the top on. She then barked ;"It's five dollars or nothing!" I said sorry nothing! Hey, if she was nice; I would had given her the hat but she was such a rude princess I thought if a guy is so shallow to dump you for your hair maybe its for the best!


Ash said...

"if a guy is so shallow to dump you for your hair maybe its for the best!"

Totally agree with you!

Greggo said...

she sounds just a tiny bit weird. lol.

Mandy said...

I do hope the pigeons spot her!