Monday, April 26, 2010

"Put the blame on Mame..."

Ever since Eve talked Adam into taking a bite out of that silly apple, women have been blamed for everything that goes wrong with the the world. Now there is an iranian cleric, Hojatolesiam Kazen Sedighi, who has made the insane declaration, that the cause for all this current world-wide earthquakes is due women dressing immodesty and there for leading men astray from the moral codes of Islam? Say what? What does immodesty have to do with a natural disaster? What :The Gods most be crazy"? Besides, if women dressing sexy keep your men's minds off of making car bombs, then ladies, let's lower that neck line and shorten our hem lines!

Food:glorious food.....

One thing I notice while walking among the Collective at PIH (hospital), is the poor eating habits of the staff. You would think, that after seeing the ill effects of a fast-food diet, that Health-Care professionals would be anal, about the kind of food they eat. But while there, I noticed a lot of the nursing staff would walk into work carrying MacDonalds bag, with a cup of coffee in their hands. Often I would go to tho hospital coffee cafe- called Jazzman and watch the doctors and medical staff order sweeten coffees and sweet, bake goods. I got a fresh fruit cup of strawberries and blueberries and was shock that the fruit had no flavor!!The coffee cafe did offer hot tea as well as fresh fruit, lived on hot tea and pears during my mother's stay. Once I stopped at the Marie Calendars' pie cafe across the street and recognized one of the ER doctors, he was eating with a fellow doctor, they were eating big ass cheese burgers and downed it was a whole pot of coffee, then they stepped to smoke a CIGARETTE; then drank another pot of coffee! I hope he doesn't do surgery, pumped up with all that coffee! For the whole in the Collective, the doctors are lean, whereas the nurses and aides run a little heavy set. Then I believe the nurses and nurses aide eat more out of stress. The doctors are so detached and not emotionally invested with the patients, they come in for a few minutes, do their "Ya-da-ya-da-ya-da" and dash off into the halls of the labyrinth of the hospital get on with theirs; but the nurses and nurse-aides are hands on with the patients and they have to deal with the stress of patient care. Little wonder nurses and nurse-aide find comfort in fast-food and show a little booty spread. I have nothing but love and respect for nurses and nurses-aide, a feeling I do not share for doctors! Doctors just supervise one's health-care but truly- I advise your own health-care! Google your doctor, google the drugs and the side-effects of each drug. I know doctors get a little testy when you confront them with intelligent questions or concerns but then if they are not willing to listen to you then you should get another doctor. That is why I sing the praises of Dr. Abbid Shah and Dr. Sarvesh J. Patikh, I know I can be a pain in the ass with questions but they showed me respect for my annoying inquisition of health concern for my mother.I know men find verbally aggressive women it be very unattractive but I'm more concerned about my mother's health and can care less what a young male doctor thinks of me! Besides, I have no interest in sparking a MD's interest! I'm more into artistic-edgy men!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Resistance is futile

This has been an odd few weeks, surreal actually: for I've been spending it at my mother's bedside at Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital in Whittier. I only take a few hours break to go home to shower and collect our mail and such. Spending so much time within the walls of a large hospital reminds me of what life in a spacecraft must be like, for I feel like I'm walking in the hive among the collective and like all hives not all drones are creative equal. They are even color coded! The Brahmins are the doctors, walking through the labyrinth of hallways in their white lab coats. And what a variety of doctors did I see! During her last visit, my mother had one doctor, Dr. Abbid Shah, due to the fact she had only one, most excellent doctor to review and supervise the details of her health-care, I was well informed and felt great comfort in the consistency of having only one doctor. But during this last stay, I feel like I'm in an episode of "Doctor Who" not knowing what doctor is going to step out of the TRADIS! It's most confusing and I have to be anal about keeping details notes and Googling like a woman possessed each doctor, processor and, medication handed out to her. So many news faces wearing white lab coats has become a haze in my head ,only one Dc. Parikh, remains in my head. One reason, I saw him more than once and like Dr. Shah, he was very kind, open to questions and gave me precise,information, But like all hives, it's not the aristocracy of doctors that keep the hive running smoothly but the worker drones that one's life depends on! Check the color codes Rns/Lvns Ocean Blue or as they also called it in the booklet (Royal Blue) (Queen Bees of the drones I guess), Nurse Attendants,/Unit Clerks- Unit Registration Clerk/lab Clerks - Wine (or as they say burgundy) Orderlies/ Transportation Attendants -black - Cardiology - Caribbean Blue (greenish Blue),Radiology-Navy Blue- Physical Therapy -Midnight Blue (dark Blue -Respiratory Services - Ciel Blue (light Blue) - Environmental Services (I guess they mean janitor) Evergreen (Light green). Interesting don't you think? My mum had wonderful nurses taking care of her! Really PIH, is an mazing hospital. But one thing I begining to think is an Urban Myth is where are all those handsome doctors you see on TV? All are were rather, well average, not Doctor McDreamy! Not dreamy at all, as a matter of fact doctors dress rather like nerds! I mean , who wears a neck tie anymore? Also, for this all brave new world of woman's lib there was only a very tiny handful of women doctors! All I could tell it's still a man's world in the collective! But what can one do? Go with the flow I guess, resistance is futile!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Story without pictures

Yoga Gal is one unhappy camper! For over five years I been attending the Yoga Journal Conference in Boston because I love Boston and in the past I got a great room at the Boston Sheraton on Dalton Street but this year I got a rat hole of a room with the view of a concrete wall! I usually got a great room with a breathtaking view of lake Charles ! Now I can understand if I was new and booked in the last minute but I booked five months in advance for crying out loud! FU Sheraton org you give bad customer service! My room is so bad I can't get good can't get good reception on the clock radio! Thus will be my last stay at a Sheraton! And I go to a lot of Conferences not to mention Comic Cons and World Cons!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

No one expects a Spanish Inquisition!

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth or gotten lost on the freeway of the world wide web: just the fact that my mother's health has been very fragile lately. She is so weak lately and I fear I will have to rush her back to the ER of Whittier Presbyterian Inter community Hospital, a place that makes me feel like I'm walking through the third level of Dante's Hell. Don't get me wrong the staff there is truly wonderful, Doctor Abbid Shah is a superb doctor, who not only possesses medical expertise but compassion as well. All the medical staff there are lovely people! Once in a while, when I meet my friend Linda at Marie Calendars,(in California there always seems to be a Marie Calendars across the street of a hospital) I see some of the nurses there, enjoying a much needed after work libation and I feel compelled to buy them a drink to show my gratitude for their hard and good work. No: it's not the staff of PIH's ER that given me the creeps while at the ER, it's just that one must wait for hours at the ER and I feel I'm sitting at the mouth of Hell! It's a depressing and cold place, I can't see how any sane person can bare working there! Also, whenever I"m there, I'm the one who has to answer the same question after question, makes me feel I'm facing the Spanish Inquisition! Things are looking better for my mom, she is still very weak but feeling better! Please; pray for her!