Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Kng is dead long live the king


Just heard that Michael Jackson died today and surprised that people are so shocked that he died so suddenly but are you really that shocked? That man has been through a lot of painful and stressful stuff. The trials where details of his personal life put out for all the world to see, losing Neverland Ranch, selling his personal treasures, living in the shadows hiding from the public eye and not truly living a normal or healthy life style and people are shocked that he died at the age fifty? What concerns me more are his children. The Press is going to be brutal with more details of personal life and his children will have to live with these reports. Those are the true tragic victims the children of this man who lived a very strange and bizarre life!
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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all you big daddies out there! I hope all you who are lucky enough to have their father's living will gave them a big hug. It's not easy being a parent, they do the best they can and all parents come with emotional excess baggage.I lost my father five years ago and miss him dearly. He wasn't a perfect father,(I certainly wasn't a perfect daughter) a major control freak, but he was a loving father and he meant well and was always there when I needed him and because of his wisdom and kindness is the reason I'm free to follow my bliss. I once had a professor state that the biggest handicap we have, is the fact that we cannot pick our parents. I had a girlfriend who remarked to me once that she resisted her parents because they were not rich but I think there are some rich kids out there that also resist their parents, just because. The one true beauty I found in Neil Gaiman's wonderful children's book "Coraline" is he addresses the issue we all have as a child; wondering what it would be like to have different parents. I feel we all held at least once the fantasy of having different parents. Parents that were more playful,fun, forgiving, excepting, no borders no rules. Just different parents. The beauty of "Coraline" is the realization that she discovers she has the parents she should have and wants to have. It's a wonderful story and a most delightful film, see it! Thought about it today, father's day. For I loved my father and realized that my artistic gifts, my paintings come from him. I do believe that talent also comes from our gene pool. I miss him and pray his soul is at peace and he is happy in heaven. Happy Father's Day!
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Friday, June 19, 2009

Sweet Charity


Everytime I shop at Vons I get asked by the cashier,"Would you like to make a donation for (blank) cancer research?". What amazes me, how many years have we been donating money for (whatever) cancer or disease and we still are no closer to a cure! What cheeses me off about most major charity organizations, is that most the money they collect go to administration cost and not to the actual research or charity. And some of these charities should as the Red Cross or the United Way pay a high salary to the heads of their charities!That's just not right!
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Modern Art section Norton Simon Museum

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A day at the Museum


I have this fantasy of having an art museum all to myself, well today it almost happen! Went to the Norton Simon in Pasadena and there was just a hand full of people there this afternoon, thanks to than over blowed, very expensive Laker parade in downtown L.A. today.
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I love a parade

met to write Mayor not major in bottom post but so upset I wrote faster than I could think I guess

I love a parade


The State and our local Cities are crying broke and we are being taxed more, with gettting less public services but the Major of Los Angeles says that our local tax payers can afford to spend over two million dollars for a victory parade for the L.A. Lakers! Hello, what's wrong with this picture? We can't even afford to offer Summer School to our children but we can hold a two million dollar parade for a group of millionaire basketball players? Shame on you Major!
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Monday, June 15, 2009

Stop the presses!


I wonder if men had to put their Johnston on a cold metal press then have their malehood mashed between two flat irons if they would not demand a better invention to detect cancer? I had to go back for a mamogram for a third time because last week the tech messed up! So why should I suffer? Maybe I do have something, for I've lost ten pounds in just two weeks! Well, there's a plus. I just bless President Obama for telling the members of the medical profession that the high cost of health care has to be lowered! Don't know what to fear more, cancer or the high cost of the cure.
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Thursday, June 11, 2009

What dose the sadist say to the masochist

There is an old joke that goes, what does a sadist say to the masochist when the masochist ask to be spank? Anwer"NO!"

Just under gone second mamogram, I just can't help but wonder what sadist thought up this machine that smashes your breast with an ice cold flat iron! Damn, can you say "OUCH"? I was in far too much pain to do so. Not worried about these bumps the doctor feels when he squeezes my breast tissue into complete numbest. Been through this drill before and landed up just calicum lumps. But I must go through the drill just in case it's the big C.

So I went got home , numb my mind with twitter-a.k.a. Self-Promotion, don't really get it but author Neil Gaiman doesn't write often in his blog these days so for a fan jokie like I to keep up with the amazing adventures of the amazing author Gaiman one most twitter-I feel so dirty. Just joking, twitter is rather silly though. But thanks to twitter saw a copy of a truly wonderful looking new book of Mr. Gaiman & his girlfriend, that talented sexy, song siren Amanda Palmer "Who Killed Amanda Palmer". Hope I spelled their names correctly, still a little dope up, ah the wonders of viccodin & vodka. Okay, I'm being a bad girl but feeling so low for I have to keep this cancer scare to myself for I don't want to worry my mother for she's in fragile health. But truly, the book looks so cool going on to Amazon and order one.

"But wait;order now and you get an extra..." wouldn't it be wonderful if you could get book offers the way they give you in infomercials?

Well, feeling rather in good spirits actually; ran into an old friend (he has fame but I don't name names of people I actually know) he wants to cast me in a play he wrote. Don't know if I want to return back to the wicked. wicked stage.But I was so flattered! It's wonderful to be wanted!
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Monday, June 8, 2009

Pascal's Wager


Well, I guess I pressed a lot of buttons on my last blog, but I didn't coined the phrase "That there is no atheist in foxholes". It comes from the first World War. Still, ye non believers, I prefer living in a world where I feel connected to something greater than myself. I teach yoga and one thing about yoga is that we are more than just a physical body. We are connected to something greater that just our ego. Maybe, I'm wrong, but I rather like Pascal's Wager.
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Sunday, June 7, 2009

There are no atheist in foxholes


There is a saying that states there are no atheist in foxholes, meaning that when facing death one clings to their faith in God. Last week my heart broke for all those poor people who lost their lives in the Air France crash! Can you imagine what went through their heads during those last few minutes of their lives? Even if the final blow lasted only minutes, minutes can seem like hours when your are in pain. Try holding your hand over an open flame and see how long you can take it. I just pray that it was fast and painless. Wouldn't want to survive the crash , only to land up shark food floating the Atlantic! Still, my prayers and love goes to them and their families.
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