Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I love a parade


The State and our local Cities are crying broke and we are being taxed more, with gettting less public services but the Major of Los Angeles says that our local tax payers can afford to spend over two million dollars for a victory parade for the L.A. Lakers! Hello, what's wrong with this picture? We can't even afford to offer Summer School to our children but we can hold a two million dollar parade for a group of millionaire basketball players? Shame on you Major!
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Dr. Jay SW said...

Sports definitely have a very strange privileged status, with countless tax dollars in most urban areas (i.e. places with lots of poverty, overcrowded schools and hospitals, crumbling infrastructure, etc.) going towards new stadiums every couple years. When I was younger, I remember the Grateful Dead kept getting banned from venues because overzealous fans rushed the gates or left the parking lot too messy. But, when the local sports team won a championship and the fans set cars on fire, smashed windows, and generally created a major riot...the city paid for a parade....