Monday, January 28, 2008

Like a bat out of hell....

At last; I was able to join the land of the living!!!!! I was able to go to my first yoga class (too weak to teach) and I even treated myself to a lovely carb luncheon of pasta with clams! Yummmmy! I still have to wear my dark glasses while out side all the time for another week and still a little weak in the knees but I'm out in the sunshine! The vampire is dead!
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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Let the sun shine....

Photo to blog entry....
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Let the sun shine....

Today I was able to actually venture out and take a visit to my doctor! My fever broke and most of my measel bumps are gone, still have a few on my face and tummy and far too weak to go back work and still most wear dark glasses while outdoors or while watching TV but I'm on the mend! Goodie! I took this photo in the parking lot of my doctor's office. If you look carefully, you can see the Hollywood sign on the hill top! It was a very cold but clear and lovely day in Los Angeles. It's going to rain again tonight which I rather enjoy. Being home, watching old movies on Turner Classic Movies and sipping hot coco is all the excitement this body can take right now! When I got home I baked a fresh lemon cake (use the lemons from my backyard tree) to warm up the house. It's cold but baking does warm up the house and makes the house smell yummy! Right, think I need a nap before dinner.
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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cooking with gas...

I'm feeling much stronger still have fever through. But I was strong enough to bake a lasagna yesterday. If I could meet a man who give me the comfort and warmth of a freshly baked hot lasagna I would be his love slave! A few weeks ago my oven died on me so I went to Home Depot and bought a new one. Was amazed for the store was empty and I was able to actually get customer service! The oven cooks like a dream and the lasagna was tasty!

The doctor told me for an adult measles last about three weeks! Although my red bumps are dying up and I was able to wash my hair last night. I hate having greasy hair.

Thanks for all the kind words.
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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Did anyone get the license number of that bus?

I feel like I've been hit by a bus! Talk about your aches and pains. I've been drinking hot lemon ginger tea then I use the cool teabags on my eyes to cool my fevered eyelids. What did we do before Google. I looked up "oatmeal" baths and was able to take one. Helps my skin. Thanks for the good advice!
I'm still a vampire under house arrest or tomb arrest. Wearing my darkglasses while watching TV or working on my P.C. and it was strange watching a Harry Potter movie on HBO I never realized how dark (color wise) those movies are.
Well, I hope everyone is in good health and stay that way. Remember WASH YOUR HANDS!
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Thursday, January 17, 2008

You give me fever....

I've been out of commision due to a case of MEASLES! I've been in sheer torment! Fever, aches and pains. Fever! Fever in morning , fever in the night ! FEVER! I've been entombed like a vampire. I'm been told I can't go out in the daylight for the sunrays could damage my eyes! I even have to wear dark glasses while I watch TV or work on my laptop. This sucks!

So I'm home bound all week.

A friend who works at Paramount studios phone me and told me that due to the Writer's Strike they are laying off people. She is a makeup artists and hasn't been given that pink slip yet but she told me she's knows her number will soon be up. She siad that now when she walks around the studio lot it's like a ghost town.

Come on guys, get ye back to work and work out this internet stuff with your lawyers! But damn, you are hurting too many people! Not only at the studio lots but the businesses around the lots such as the carters and resturants. However, finding a table at Starbucks is a piece of cake these days.
Well back to bed for me! Does any one know what I can put on my skin. These bumps are dying and I'm going crazy with this crazy itch!
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Monday, January 7, 2008

I can see clearly now the rain is gone....

Well, we Southern Californians survive "STORM WATCH"! We don't have rain here we have "Storm Watch"!
Actually, it was lovely hearing the sound of rain while I was fallening asleep, as long as you stayed off the freeways it was quite lovely having a few rainy days.
Today the Writer's were pounding the picket line in front of Paramount Studios and I must confess it's hard for my heart to go out to these youthful looking people after seeing them park their BMW's (or other high end cars), with Blackberry's in hand and singing the blues over Internet Royalties! Especially when I have friends in the business who are really hurting because they can't work due to the strike. People think actors make big cash but I know a lot who are second leads in a major T.V. show and are only making scale. I have friends who are grips, camera men and make-up artists who are not working and their cash is running low. Okay, I believe writers deserve royalties for their work but work that out BEFORE you sell that script!
Besides how much royalties do you think one can earn for a show like "Ugly Betty"? Are there that many people wanting to download such a mindless show?
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Friday, January 4, 2008


The tasks of cleaning up after the holidays makes me feel dead on arrival. Why is taking down a christmas tree more exhausting then putting up a Christmas tree? (Oh, this is not a photo of my Christmas tree but a photo of one of the grave sites in Rose Hills, I drive by it everyday.) Took down the outdoor lights, packed up the Christmas decorations and got a case of the common cold. Now, I'm sneezing my brains out and drinking hot honey ginger tea and trying to keep warm. What a way to start the New Year in intensive care!

Happy New Year to you all. This is the year of the Rat!
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