Friday, August 28, 2009

Who will stop the pain

Last night noticed that my mom's left forearm was red with a bloody colored bruise. It was the arm that the Home Nurse took her Blood Pressure. My mother skin is like onion skin and can't take any slight bump or pressure. She's in no pain but want the Home Nurse to look at it so another day of worry and waiting! When will things return to normal or will they ever turn back to normal?

(The photo was taken in Montreal at the Bontique De Shalla Design, there are loads of interesting shops and art galleries throughout the City of Montreal this store sales the wonderful art work by a very wonderful artist Nicolin Gublin. Her works are a beautiful pop of color.)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

What do you mean I can't cook with salt!

My mom's heart doctor to cook with no salt; WHAT! almost every you cook with needs a little salt. So I went to Von's supermaket and bought a lot of fresh produce and fish. Yesterday I made shrimp, rubbed with olive oil, garlic , lemon juice and seasoned with Mrs. Dash. Saute it with fresh tomatoes, chopped garlic and unsalted (sweet butter) butter and served over bow paste noodles and steamed asparagus, a one bowl wonder meals. Actually very tasty and a quick meal for the shrimp only needs a few minutes to cook. It's just the prep time. Peeling, cleaning the shrimp and cutting the veggies.

This photo was taken in Montreal at a creepy looking theater called "Maison Hantee" a purple building that was also the home of a cafe called the Angry Chef. Saw if walking back to the convention center. Thought it was a perfect site for a SF/fantasy World Convention.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cooking with gas

For anyone who send in their prayers I would like to thank you. My mother is home but the doctor didn't give me very good news I don't even dare to write down for I'm afraid if it is written it will be done. Awoke at seven a.m. and just broke down in tears. They say the strongest steal is made my going through the hottest fire but I just feel like a noodle that has been drooped in boiling water and now just limp.

Photo was taken in Montreal, front entrance of St.Patrick Church.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Calling all prayers

Spend two hours at urgent care, then seven hours in the hospital ER to find out my mother has Congestive Heart Failure! Good heavens! Spend another two hours waiting for the staff to put her in a room! Finally she's in a room , I'm home exhausted, ate , showered, pray now sleep. Please send my mom your prayers!

The photo is a beautiful church in Montreal , Staint Patrick's church.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Viva La France

One thing I love about Montreal, it was like being in France but the people don't have the attitude. everyone was rather sweet and were more than willing to speak English . This tiny cafe was delightful and served up a tasty breakfast. The waiters were all young flirtatious and playful. When I walked in one cute young waiter shouted out :'You're alone? How can that be?" I smiled and they sat e down at table in the center of all the action. The cafe music was rather interesting, when the song "That's Amore" came up, one it was sung in French , which was odd and all the waiters sang along out loud, which was amusing. I was writing in my note book and wrote down some numbers and trash the pice of paper in my empty drinking glass, while leaving the waiter asked me if I wanted the ting piece of paper I answered no , then he smile "Could it be your phone number?" I laughed and when out to hit the convention floor with a smile on my face.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

just around the corner

It's hard to believe that just across the border you can be in a different world. Montreal had just a European feeling to it and I loved walking around and just looking at the city. Sipping wine at a corner cafe and listen to the natives speak french.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Spend last week at the World SF /Fantasy Con in Montreal, Canada called "Anticipation". I always wanted to see Montreal Canada and attending past con with my ex-boyfriend I knew the people attending the con would be interesting and friendly. Cons are also great in giving you discount rates for hotels, plus one of my favorite writers Neil Gaiman will be speaking there so it was a win, win, I wish Neil Gaiman felt the same respect for me that I feel for him but then I'm rather a mature fan and he can less what a woman of my age thinks of his works. Passed by him in a hallway and he looked at me as if I were persona-non-grata, sigh, Well, you can not please everyone. Still, a damn interesting speaker and his books are wonderful! However, even the brilliant talent of Neil Gaiman was upstaged by the beauty of this beautiful city! It has an old world French charm and feeling to it. Plus ,the people were so kind and friendly! The men very French and flirtatious! I couldn't believe how often I was asked out! Met some wonderful writers and publishers while at the con as well. I chose not to stay at the Delta hotel which is H.Q. for the event and can care less for staying in a hotel where the head-lining writers would be at. Big deal if you see a great writer like neil Gaiman walk through the lobby I prefer quiet. The Delta was known also as the main party hotel and after a day of attending panels and walking around the town the last thing I wanted was to be kept awake by the sound of people having a good time. Even though I was invited and went to a few parties myself. I stayed at the InterContiinental Hotel, a beautiful and comfortable hotel. The room was huge , hated leaving it to attended the con which was just across the street. Also, very different, never stayed at a hotel where a cork-screw was supplied in my room , also they supplied free condom? Excuse me? Must be a french thing. Still , I had a wonderful time walking around the town, meeting very interesting writer and publishers in the hotel's bar, ..flirting with handsome french speaking young men, attending the panels and gaining insight into what makes Neil Gaiman tick. That man is amazing, he always looked exhausted, never looked rested, huge bags under his eyes but was always kind to his fans who came up to him and asked him for a autograph or a photo opt. It seems I'm the only person that brings out the rude, dark side of his force. Sigh. Maybe, I remind him of a bitch of an ex he once had. Don't know. it is what it is and I still had a wonderful time in a beautifuk city.I will be posting more photos of that enchanting town!