Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Viva La France

One thing I love about Montreal, it was like being in France but the people don't have the attitude. everyone was rather sweet and were more than willing to speak English . This tiny cafe was delightful and served up a tasty breakfast. The waiters were all young flirtatious and playful. When I walked in one cute young waiter shouted out :'You're alone? How can that be?" I smiled and they sat e down at table in the center of all the action. The cafe music was rather interesting, when the song "That's Amore" came up, one it was sung in French , which was odd and all the waiters sang along out loud, which was amusing. I was writing in my note book and wrote down some numbers and trash the pice of paper in my empty drinking glass, while leaving the waiter asked me if I wanted the ting piece of paper I answered no , then he smile "Could it be your phone number?" I laughed and when out to hit the convention floor with a smile on my face.

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