Thursday, June 11, 2009

What dose the sadist say to the masochist

There is an old joke that goes, what does a sadist say to the masochist when the masochist ask to be spank? Anwer"NO!"

Just under gone second mamogram, I just can't help but wonder what sadist thought up this machine that smashes your breast with an ice cold flat iron! Damn, can you say "OUCH"? I was in far too much pain to do so. Not worried about these bumps the doctor feels when he squeezes my breast tissue into complete numbest. Been through this drill before and landed up just calicum lumps. But I must go through the drill just in case it's the big C.

So I went got home , numb my mind with twitter-a.k.a. Self-Promotion, don't really get it but author Neil Gaiman doesn't write often in his blog these days so for a fan jokie like I to keep up with the amazing adventures of the amazing author Gaiman one most twitter-I feel so dirty. Just joking, twitter is rather silly though. But thanks to twitter saw a copy of a truly wonderful looking new book of Mr. Gaiman & his girlfriend, that talented sexy, song siren Amanda Palmer "Who Killed Amanda Palmer". Hope I spelled their names correctly, still a little dope up, ah the wonders of viccodin & vodka. Okay, I'm being a bad girl but feeling so low for I have to keep this cancer scare to myself for I don't want to worry my mother for she's in fragile health. But truly, the book looks so cool going on to Amazon and order one.

"But wait;order now and you get an extra..." wouldn't it be wonderful if you could get book offers the way they give you in infomercials?

Well, feeling rather in good spirits actually; ran into an old friend (he has fame but I don't name names of people I actually know) he wants to cast me in a play he wrote. Don't know if I want to return back to the wicked. wicked stage.But I was so flattered! It's wonderful to be wanted!
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Aggie said...

Gosh, I hope you get clear results after the torture. I don't know why people invent machines that have to hurt invasively. They should invent kind machines.
Wow - a play might be fun.

Cat said...

Hope the results come in soon. At this point with over 30 images of my breasts at a variety of angles over the past two years they say they now have enough to only need a second visit if something looks serious!
That being said wringing those 30+ images out of my chest over 2 years was exhausting mentally, physically, and emotionally.
Best wishes!