Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all you big daddies out there! I hope all you who are lucky enough to have their father's living will gave them a big hug. It's not easy being a parent, they do the best they can and all parents come with emotional excess baggage.I lost my father five years ago and miss him dearly. He wasn't a perfect father,(I certainly wasn't a perfect daughter) a major control freak, but he was a loving father and he meant well and was always there when I needed him and because of his wisdom and kindness is the reason I'm free to follow my bliss. I once had a professor state that the biggest handicap we have, is the fact that we cannot pick our parents. I had a girlfriend who remarked to me once that she resisted her parents because they were not rich but I think there are some rich kids out there that also resist their parents, just because. The one true beauty I found in Neil Gaiman's wonderful children's book "Coraline" is he addresses the issue we all have as a child; wondering what it would be like to have different parents. I feel we all held at least once the fantasy of having different parents. Parents that were more playful,fun, forgiving, excepting, no borders no rules. Just different parents. The beauty of "Coraline" is the realization that she discovers she has the parents she should have and wants to have. It's a wonderful story and a most delightful film, see it! Thought about it today, father's day. For I loved my father and realized that my artistic gifts, my paintings come from him. I do believe that talent also comes from our gene pool. I miss him and pray his soul is at peace and he is happy in heaven. Happy Father's Day!
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Anonymous said...

What a lovely tribute. My Dad passed away many years ago now, but I still think of him often. Our Father's Day here is not until September, but thanks for the reminder to give thanks for what our lovely Dads passed on to us.

Hammer said...

That's a nice tribute to your dad.

I'm a control freak with my daughters, I worry about them constantly. I think it makes them feel safe and loved now but when they get older they will be annoyed by it.