Monday, April 26, 2010

Food:glorious food.....

One thing I notice while walking among the Collective at PIH (hospital), is the poor eating habits of the staff. You would think, that after seeing the ill effects of a fast-food diet, that Health-Care professionals would be anal, about the kind of food they eat. But while there, I noticed a lot of the nursing staff would walk into work carrying MacDonalds bag, with a cup of coffee in their hands. Often I would go to tho hospital coffee cafe- called Jazzman and watch the doctors and medical staff order sweeten coffees and sweet, bake goods. I got a fresh fruit cup of strawberries and blueberries and was shock that the fruit had no flavor!!The coffee cafe did offer hot tea as well as fresh fruit, lived on hot tea and pears during my mother's stay. Once I stopped at the Marie Calendars' pie cafe across the street and recognized one of the ER doctors, he was eating with a fellow doctor, they were eating big ass cheese burgers and downed it was a whole pot of coffee, then they stepped to smoke a CIGARETTE; then drank another pot of coffee! I hope he doesn't do surgery, pumped up with all that coffee! For the whole in the Collective, the doctors are lean, whereas the nurses and aides run a little heavy set. Then I believe the nurses and nurses aide eat more out of stress. The doctors are so detached and not emotionally invested with the patients, they come in for a few minutes, do their "Ya-da-ya-da-ya-da" and dash off into the halls of the labyrinth of the hospital get on with theirs; but the nurses and nurse-aides are hands on with the patients and they have to deal with the stress of patient care. Little wonder nurses and nurse-aide find comfort in fast-food and show a little booty spread. I have nothing but love and respect for nurses and nurses-aide, a feeling I do not share for doctors! Doctors just supervise one's health-care but truly- I advise your own health-care! Google your doctor, google the drugs and the side-effects of each drug. I know doctors get a little testy when you confront them with intelligent questions or concerns but then if they are not willing to listen to you then you should get another doctor. That is why I sing the praises of Dr. Abbid Shah and Dr. Sarvesh J. Patikh, I know I can be a pain in the ass with questions but they showed me respect for my annoying inquisition of health concern for my mother.I know men find verbally aggressive women it be very unattractive but I'm more concerned about my mother's health and can care less what a young male doctor thinks of me! Besides, I have no interest in sparking a MD's interest! I'm more into artistic-edgy men!

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goatman said...

Our medical system is truly broken. Outdated paper records, many unnecessary procedures and duplication, and maxing out the medicare days and meds when in hospital.
Best wishes for your mother's maintenance. It is hard to see them degrade and lose strength but we must all, I guess, eventually.