Thursday, July 5, 2007

Foot fetish

One of my favorite web sites is called "Pet of the Day" , a site that shows cute critters like mice, rats, birds , hamsters ... you get the idea. But today their question was : "Does your pet's feet smell like popcorn or Fritos?" Okay? Who goes around smelling their pet's feets? I use to get grossed out when my boyfriend would put my foot in his mouth! Okay; too much information. Still, I don't want to smell the feet of someone I love let alone an animal I love!


Anonymous said...

I swear...I used to have a yellow lab and her paws always smelled like FRITOS....seriously!!

welcome to my universe said...

If Fritos (not sure what these are?) smell like pets feet, I'm definitely not going to try eating any!

PixieDust said...

Aha! It's the ANTI-foot fetish!
I love touching babies feet, but once they reach a certain age the foot does seem less attractive. But smelling your pets' paws ... must be by accident, no?

Clare said...

This cracked me up! What's weird is that on my dog's fur (and my last dog, too), I can smell Frito's -- that is when the Pert Shampoo fragrance wears off. I never knew other people could smell Frito's on dogs too. Now, of course, my dog's feet smell like whatever he has happened to step in recently. I don't go out of my way to sniff the paws if I can help it and I try to resist the urge when it comes up.