Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The kindness of Gaiman

This photo was taken seconds after Gaiman's Diva snap of the fingers, he was in a great rush but this sweet, pretty fan asked him to pose with her and despite the fact that he was in a hurry he took the time to pose. What a great guy!

Keep scrollin down for more cool shots. I will post more shots of the Comic Con during this week. Plus, a shot of Kiss's Gene Simons (think I mispelled the name) who was also a real gent!
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spacedlaw said...

Forget about the guy a minute. Did you get to see/meet Ray Bradbury ? I remember you telling me you wanted to andthat he would be at the convention.

Yoga Gal said...

You think that Neil's line are long! The line for Ray Bradbury was a monster and they had to limit it because he is so old and his health is fragile. I went to one of his spotlights and he was a wonderful to listen too. I qather he at the award show but I chose not to attend even though Neil got a lot of honors. After a day of getting blsiters on my feet I just wanted to take the ferry back to the island and eat and walk along the beach! It was sheer heaven!

spacedlaw said...

I can imagine !
Glad you had a good time (apart from the blisters) and that you got to see Bradbury.