Wednesday, July 4, 2007

You're a grand old flag

It's the Fourth of July so I had to hang out Old Glory. My neighbor really went all out! Flags all shape and sizes drapped over her home plus one huge one the size of her garage door on her garage door! Okay, we get it!

Loved driving down the freeway on a Legal Holiday! If only it could be such an easy drive everyday! Well, I can dream can't I? However, the CHP was out crime busten! I never seen so many flashing lights since I've been in a dance club! Like cockroaches they came out of no where! They didn't catch me but then even though I love speed I don't over do it. Because of the open freeway guys were zooming down the freeway as if they were on the Autobahn. What's the rush? I wonder if when the CHP pull these jokers over they ask them; "Where's the fire?"

James gave a kick-ass yoga class and it was packed! Being the last class of the day it was filled up! Sardine yoga! Even though the class was in the BIG ROOM still could barely fit everyone in. After class I felt like cooked pasta, if you threw me up against the wall I would had stuck to it!

So far all is quiet on the Western Front. But my neighbors have been lighting firecrackers for weeks! Tonight I don't have to go to a special park to see a firework show but sit out on my front lawn and watch my neighbors shoot out their Legal Fireworks they got at TJ. Bottle rockets, rockets, cherry bombs after they're done the air smells as if a major battle had be fought.

Well, kick back, open a can of beer, fire up the barrie and relax! It's the Fourth of July! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

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