Monday, July 30, 2007

King Con

I've been to many conventions in my life but the ComicCon is the mother of all cons! It's a monster! But great fun! I haven't had so many blisters on my feet since I was a ballet dancer! At first I was bummed out that I couldn't book a room at the venue hotel but now I feel it was a blessing that I decided to stay at the Hotel de Coronado. I could drive my car to the ferry port , park for free, take the ferry for $6.00 dollars round trip and walk to the Con! Then during the evening I would take the ferry back dine on the island and walk along a moonlit beach cooling my blisters in the cool ocean water. (Plus it was a full moon making the beach and the hotel look magical!) Took some great photos but I don't know how to post them to this site (if anyone can tell me how to do posts them I would be grateful.) I got to see the screening of the movie "StarDust". Now, I'm a biggggggggggggggggggggggg Neil Gaiman fan! I thought the book "Stardust", was enchanting but the movie was a little flawed. There seem to be no chemsity between the two young leading actors, (Claire Danes , a brillant actress check out her film "Stage Beauty " & pretty boy Charlie Cox), Michelle Pfeiffer was breathtaking to look at but played the role of evil witch a little too campy, Robert DeNiro ran away with the movie and gave it life and the final fight scene of good and evil went on to long. It was beautiful eye candy but the music swelled to project dramatic tension instead of using the actors to show their distress. I would had walked out but it was a screening and Neil Gaiman was there in the lobby and I didn't want to be rude and walked out.

Read Neil Gaiman's book "Stardust" (hey, read anything by Neil Gaiman) but don't rush out and see "Stardust"! Oh yes, and if you have children DON'T take them to it! It's very violent! There were two little girls behind me and at one point after the third animal was gutted the little girl jumped into her fathers lap and kept her head buried in his chest!

Still, I gained a new respect for the writer Neil Gaiman! I would see him flash through the hotel and Con floors with the speed of summer lightning and he still found time to write in his blog!

I would return to my hotel room so exhausted I could barely fill out my room service card!

But if you ever want to have a great time do attend the Comic Con in San Diego.

That's all folks.


Greggo said...

i haven't yet read a neil gaiman book, though i still have the original 'death' series of comic books he wrote so many years ago.

glad you had a good time. sounds like a lot of fun. i actually had a chance for preview tickets for 'stardust' tomorrow, but i passed them up because i couldn't make it.

for posting pictures, there's an 'upload picture' link at the top of the blog entry box. you can just click it and upload the picture straight to your blog. :-)

Anonymous said...

So cool! Yay for you. Sounds like you had a great time.
I haven't read any of his books.

And yeah, what greggo said about pics.