Sunday, July 1, 2007

Ara grata artis

There is a really bad joke that goes, what do you call a man with no arms or legs on a wall? Answer : Art.

Truth to tell, I'm beginning to think the best art around can be view not in a museum's wall but on many a human body. Today while shopping at the Larchmont Farmer's Market I saw one young woman with the most interesting tattoo of a vine of ivy wrap around her left arms. She reninded me a little of Batman's Poison Ivy. The detail and the color of each leaf was beautiful. Still, I wonder why people make the choices they do in body art. I may like a rose one day but the next prefer a butterfly so I'm tattoo free. There is one guy in my yoga class that has more holy images on his body than the Sistine Chapel. Which makes me wonder, when you have the image of Christ or the Blessed Virgin on your body how can you engage and enjoy real wild sex? Sorry, but my Roman Catholic guilt couldn't engage in an act of pleasure with a man with such images on his body even if he had the body and mind of an Apollo!


Anonymous said...

I designed my own tattoo...a peace sign made of daisies.
I knew for certain that I'd never tire of it.
Also it's on the back of my shoulder, so it's rarely "in your face".
I don't think I could be so bold as to display anything more or anywhere else on my body.
I once got my hand henna tattooed and it was gorgeous! (and washed off in a couple days).

Yoga Gal said...

Great hearing from you Bohemian Mom I've been worried about you because your last post you sounded a little down hearted. Also, glad that you wrote about your tattoo! I was wondering about it and also I've hear that tattoos on your foot hurts because there are so many bones in your feet.

welcome to my universe said...

Love your sick joke LOL, LOL. I've always wanted a tattoo, but like you I could never choose just one. My daughter has a butterfly and I do like the sound of BoHo Mom's peace sign too.

rgb said...

Yeah !! LOL. this was funny. I could not help imagining the act as well with someone whose biceps or chest poses a holy image... all the while noticing the act and mapping the response and rhythm of the act with a stoic holy piercing look.That reminds me of a friend of mine whose husband had a big photo of his late grandmother framed on the wall facing their wedding bed... Effect was kind of same.The late lady was being treated with quite interesting view and my friend with the old lady peeping in .. all she could do was fake..