Friday, June 29, 2007

Revenge is a dish best served cold

"You know what they say, revenge is a dish severd like cold cuts" Tony Soprano
"I think you mean , revenege is a dish best served cold."

Today reveived a cell phone call from an ex-coworker. It was late in the afternoon, being Friday after a long week she was feeling bored and frustrated. She called to commiserate about her fellow co-wokers. Hearing their names and details about their misdeeds made my blood run cold! I am happy that I'm no longer walking around that lower cycle of the Infernal and no longer hold no ill will to those people who gossiped about me or wish me ill will. It was a toxic workplace spreading it's poison like a plague, turning brother aganist brother, blinded by ambitions. After the phone call I sigh and thought, the best revenge is living a happy life!


Ash said...

Yes, indeed!

Southern Me~ said...

That's right girl, nothing like living a happy life inspite of all the bs. Thanks for coming by my blog.

Cya around!

Clare said...

I like the Tony Soprano quote about cold cuts -- that made me laugh. It's so good that you got out of that job that was so toxic -- that kind of poisonous stuff can make people sick and break your spirit. Yes, keep living a happy life!!