Wednesday, June 27, 2007

On guard....

Sometimes , while I'm walking down the streets of Larchmont Village feel like proverbial Alice in Wonderland! It takes a village. Last week I overheard a young woman speaking loudly into her cell phone about her interview with the vampires and this morning I overheard a very nerdie looking young man talking about confronting a sword for the first time! A sword? Who do you think you are d'Artagnan - Lancelot? He was speaking loudly and clearly and he said;"When I came face to face to the sword I could feel the power of the sword! I saw the power of the sword!" Okay, what's up with that? A guy talking about a new inner active web game? An actor? He was far too small and thin to be playing a knight at the Orange Country, Medieval Times Tourment & Restaurant. (I have a gal pal who dated one of those egomaniacal muscle men. Body builders with swords; scary!) So who is this kid talking about his encounter with Excalibur? I don't have to go to DisneyLand Park to visit Fanasty Land - I work in Fanasty Land!

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