Monday, June 11, 2007

Legally blind....

Last night received an e-mail from my uncle stating how he and his wife sold their home out in Riverside, California because they were both upset over the quote (these aren't my words or feelings) "The influence of the Illegal Mexicans in the state". Excuse me? I reminded him that his last name was Franco! Hello; senor! Okay; for the most part our (my) ancestors were here when California was the property of Spain but hey, the Spaniards didn't come here with Green Cards, neither did the Pilgrims come to think of it. This is a nation built on the influence of illegal aliens, our fore fathers didn't submit any papers to the Native Americans when they arrived! And my, so called noble relatives, the Spanish raped Mexico as well as South American and the Native Americans in California!

My uncle is now living the life of a gypsy with his wife and ten year old son. They have a trailer, (don't know how they afford that with gas prices as high as they are) and is touring America as well as Canada. His family is currently taking a break in New Mexico and he thinks if he does decide to homestead again it will be there. Oh right, there is no Mexican influence in a state called New Mexico!

Still, wonder how he can be such a rapists. What will this country do without that cheap illegal labor. Last week a neighbor had their driveway dug up to place a new one. A back breaking job and judging from the loud music they were playing these guy were from South of the Border. And everytime I go to an expensive a West Hollywood restaurant to visit the Ladies Lounge (to powder my nose) I always hear Spanish spoken by the kitchen help. And who do you know wants to pick fruit and veggies for low wages with no benefits?

Let's face it unless you're 100% pure native American we all have in our bloodline an illegal alien or two.

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