Monday, June 18, 2007

Dream a little dream for me

"...,it means that there are men and women dwelling in the continuous present, where the past is dead and the future consists of fear and impossible desires." -Wade Davis "The Serpent & the Rainbow"

Last night I dreamt of visiting my old work place and confronting my ex-boss or as I called her the Queen of the Damn, for like a vampire she posesses the ability to suck you dry of your very life source and make you her servant to her evil will like a mindless zombie. This quote from that wonderful book "The Serpent & the Rainbow" came to me, for when I worked at the City it was such a toxic environment. People working under the shadow of constant fear making them inform on one another and holding on to only their own ambitious dreams of advancement, forgetting there fellow workers in the clouds of their selfish dreams. I can't be hard on my fellow co-workers for trying to hold on to their jobs or wanting to advance themselves but I do blame a boss who encourages her employees to spin tales on each other, that is true evil. But I believe in karma and what goes around...In Buddhism as well as Chistian thought ; it's evil to gossip about the faults of others to advance oneself! I know I can get another City job in other City , as well as another job in the City I once worked for due to the fact I earn the respect of people but I prefer not. All Cities seem to have their own version of the Queen or King of the Damn and use fear to have their workers do their bidding. No, I would rather teacher yoga and sell my paintings. If ever I learn how to post photos - I will post my art work on this page.

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