Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Getting out of Dodge...

There is this urban myth that once you land a City job you have a job for life; you would be wrong grasshopper! I've been getting e-mails from my old friends with whom I worked at two different Cities with and all tell me stories about my old city colleagues who have either decided to cash in their chips and take early retirement and get out of Dodge or even worst given the golden hand shake and assigned forced retirement! And the people that the tribe hasn't voted off the island yet are keeping their heads low. Ah me, sounds so familiar, the last year I worked at the city and realizing that the new director didn't like me, I felt like dead man walking just waiting for my day of execution. So when my director did come in and told me "Things aren't just working out." An odd join of words, I felt like we were breaking up! I expected her to say;"It's not you it's me." I felt grateful and revived back to the land of the living. Even though after seven years you would think the cow could think of a more logical reason than "It's not working out!" I was never even written up. Then giving me only one hour to pack my stuff of seven years and a half years from office, hey I took my sweet time! Well, it could had been far worst, my grilfriend told me how one day her husband went to his office one morning only to find out that the locks were changed and there stuff was packed in boxes left in front of the office building, talk about cold! This is America's downsizings at it's best! What can you do? Just cross your legs and say OM!

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