Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Sometimes while walking down the sidewalks on Larchmont Village I feel like one of those characters in a "New Yorker" magazine cartoon, over hearing the strangest cell phone conversations . A few weeks ago, it was a young woman talking about her interview with the vampires and today it was some real young guy taking about confronting a "SWORD"! A sword? He said (rather loudly, might I add) "Confronting the power of the sword for the first time was just so overwhelming! The power of the sword just amazed me!" Say what d'Artagnan? Who are you and why are you dealing in sword play? Was he talking about some new computer game? Was he an actor or role playing in some real Medieval Times game? (He was too tiny and nerdie of a guy to be a knight at Medieval Times in Orange County. One of my girlfreinds dated one of those egomaniacal guys. Bodybuilders with swords-very scary) Is he the once and future king finding his Excalibur? Whatever floats your boat I guess. This is a strange town to live in. I don't need to visit DisneyLand Park to venture into Fantasy Land, I work in Fantasy Land!

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