Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Ground Hog's Day


If Candlemas Day be fair and bright,
Winter will another flight:
But if it be dark with clouds and rain,
Winter is gone and will not come again.

The Ground Hog saw saw it's shadow.

It's been summer weather out here in Southren California, today in the high 70's. And although the surfers love it our farmers are concern. The grape crop is suffering, so be prepared to pay more in wine, as well as our strawberry corp, be ready to spend more on strawberries. But hey, what isn't going up in cost? And more businesses are closing down. Even in chi-chi high end Malibu restaurants and local shops are concern. Yestreday, I was at a very fine resturant over looking the ocean and noticed that it was as packed as I would think it should be on a late Saturday aftrenoon and the bartender and I started chatting and he said that they were cutting back on the staff due to the lack of business. So even the spoiled & rich and famous are feeling the pinch of this economic slow down. Economic Slow down my eye! Let's call it for what it is, a DEPRESSION! Brother can you spare a dime!

Happy Ground Hog's Day!
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Anonymous said...

We don't have groundhogs here, so I'm not sure what it means ... but happy day anyway. lol! We are still in the midst of some heat wave weather here down under. Hope you are enjoying the mild winter where you are.

cherry girl said...

What does it mean if it's snowing? The sky is full of it here and theres a good downfall coming down! We so rarely get any kind of weather ather than clouds and rain! Looks like thats changed for the next few days!

Cat said...

Phil was projecting...

And then there was the tale of pseudo Phil...

Ash said...

It usually doesnt snow in my part of Wales but we've been having some snow since yesterday!!