Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The following is an unpaid commercial endorsement


I got an e-mail from a freind asking me how I got my copy of "Fragile Things" signed by the living legend Neil Gaiman, since he knows how I hate standing in lines. Well, true , so true. But thanks to the great bookstore Dreamhaven Bookstore in Minneapolis, Minnesota (they have a great web page) you can order a book by Neil Gaiman and get it signed! How cool is that? They're not as low priced as Amazon but at Amazon you cannot get it sign by the man, the legend, the Dream King himself Neil Gaiman! Plus, the staff are real super, nice people! The store also has a great variety of S.F. Comic Books, Horror and Fantasy fiction. I believe in supporting small bookstores! Plus, going to a Neil Gaiman signing can be a royal pain in the ass! The fans are nice, very young, (hey guys this is an event you can see some real hot, cute chicks) and in the hundreds! I'm far too mature a woman - a woman among girls, so I even if I'll attend a reading, I don't brother with the face to face contact with the living legend. Living in the town of Hollywood, you soon realize that the last thing the famous and A-list actors care about is a fan telling them how wonderful you think they are. So I just ignore them when I see them for that's what they want - to be left alone like Garbo. After all after hearing a hundred fans tell the man how great they think his writing is, why should my words hold importance to his ears? Still, I love having my signed books of his. So look up Dreamheaven Bookstore.

This is my last day beach side. Going to miss this view each evening! So as the sun slowly set in the west we bid a fond farewell....
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Anonymous said...

Lol! I think the bookstore should pay you commission for the plug. Wow, that view sure is nice. Hard to leave I'm sure.