Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Back by popular demand


Since my mother's bout with pneumonia, I feel like I've been derailed from the tracks of my so called life, I just can't seem to get back into my regular routine. Last Monday was the first times in weeks I actually put pen to paper and began notes for a novel I started last summer, it felt wonderful but strange. I haven't been to the West Hollywood for a month, spending most my time in Pasadena, wandering around like a zombie through my old haunts. Trying to reconnect with my old self, dreams and ambitions. Today I had to pick up stuff for home repairs at Home Depot which made me drive by Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital (the Home Depot is right across the streeet from the hospital). Just seeing the place made me feel like I've been kicked in the gut. I hate that place.

What is strange, it's truly a wonderful hospital. The rooms have a feeling like a warm, modern hotel. Even the ER is rather a nice for an ER, very clean and comfortable. The medical staff not only performs with sheer professionalism but with compassion!And I'm not just talking about the nurses or staff of doctors, such as Abbid Shah M.D. and Aditya Ambegaonkar M.D. (damn is that a mouth full!) but the volunteer staff at PIH are lovely and ever so kind! Still, that place brings back such painful memories, such as my father dying there, and he didn't go gently into that final rest. I just never want to re-enter that place! I admire anyone who works at a hospital for all hospitals in my eyes have the charms of Dante's Inferno!

When I got home I just wanted to detach myself from all memories of hospitals, doctors, illness and decided to book my tickets for the San Diego Comic Con 2010! I was shocked that opening night preview was ALREADY SOLD OUT! Damn: the Comic Con is not until July and already some tickets are sold out? Not that I mind, I can care less to be among the first groups of geeks and freaks to hit the floor. Last year I felt like a salmon fighting to go up stream.

Due, to my mother's health I'm not certain I'll be able to make it to next year's Comic Con but I can always sell my tickets if I had to. But I just feel I need get in touch with something playful and fun and connect with my inner geek!
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goatman said...

I usta like the Zap comics and those by R. Crumb (who now resides in France on his earnings).
I didn't realize there were "cons" but I guess anytime two or more people get together with a common interest or you do anything more than twice, it's a tradition!

A.Decker said...

I haven't looked at comics in quite a while. This art looks really good, and I feel better just seeing that.
But your Con is a ways off. To me, getting lost in a few of the comics themselves would be good for now. Eh?