Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Interview with the vampire...

Whenever I see a person reading a book I have to ask them what they are reading. Today while waiting in line in front of the female bathroom at the yoga studio (there is ALWAYS a line in front of the female bathroom) I stood next to a young girl about 12 years old wearing plaid and deep red tights, she was reading a book and I asked her wat book it was. She looked up and showed me the cover . The title was "Eclipse". She told me it was a a book about a vampire, "It's a love story though, so it's okay."

"Oh really?"; I thought. There is nothing more romantic than a story about a blood sucking parasite. A creature whose sole purpose in life is to drain people of their very life source. Hold oh; come to think about it, that describes all the men I've been involved with!

At least they worked hard on draining me dry!

But seriously folks, it was Ann Rice that can be credited on making the vampire sexy. I recall reading an article about Bram Stoker classic vampire novel and the writer stated how it was a story addressing the issues of the Victorian English concerns over immigration. Those rich, strange, foreigners seducing and taking our women! He was a Count after all. Bram Stoker was Irish and knew how uptight the English were. Interesting idea.

Still, I always laugh when I read or I see a vampire being sexual. Let's face it folks, (how can I say this gently) a man needs a lot of blood flow to strike up the band and doesn't have enough to spare to enage in the wild thing. Hello , a vampire is a member of the living dead! Has more important issues to address then falling in love.
And ladies, how fun can it be having some bite one's neck and sucking one dry of all your blood? Also, ladies, being a vampire will truly save on makeup. You can't use a mirror, how can those Goths put on their black lip stick and eyeliners?
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ANNA-LYS said...

"Hold oh; come to think about it, that describes all the men I've been involved with!"

*lol* I thought that a split of a second before I read it :-D

"Also, ladies, being a vampire will truly save on makeup. You can't use a mirror, how can those Goths put on their black lip stick and eyeliners."

hmmmmm ... don't You know Your face by now? Me myself read the news paper whilst doing my makeup ... the black fingers I get from the paper I use as eyeliner ;-)

Have a Great Day!

Bohemian Mom said...

True words.
I remember laughing out loud in the movie theatre when I went to see Bram Stoker's Dracula....they tried way too hard to make it

And all my ex's were such energy vampires!

Aggie said...

Oh yes. This made me laugh. I know a few too many men like that as well. I avoid them like the plague now ... and I think the idea of Vampirism is soooooo NOT sexy!!!
P.S. I think the reason that they don't use mirrors might be 'cos they all is soooooo UGLY! Yeah?

Yoga Gal said...

Thanks ladies, I pleased to know I'm not the only woman to have encountered a vampire lover!

Rachelle said...

Nothing terrifies me more than the concept of a vampire. Ghosts, witches, whatever - not a problem. But vampires? Yikes! I can't even watch the commercials for that movie that's out right now about vampires, 30 Days of Night. I have to change the channel!

GetFlix said...

Well, I can safely say I have never sucked a woman dry. (Quite the opposite.)

But Francis Ford Coppola's Dracula had some sexy moments. Naturally it wasn't good sexy, but sexy just the same.

Greggo said...

lol! what's really funny is that the vampires in ann rice's books are portrayed as predominantly homosexual anyway. i'm actually reading an ann rice book right now, though it's not about vampires. it's "the witching hour", and it's my favorite book of hers.

as for erotic vampires, i'd have to go with "embrace of the vampire" with alyssa milano. grrr... lol.

ANNA-LYS said...


ANNA-LYS said...

Just to check out that You didn't use the mirror ;-)

Ash said...


I initially thought that the book might be The Eclipse by John Banville.

Katie McKenna said...

Too funny! I always ask too!

Princess in Galoshes said...

Gah. I'm with you. Vampires just don't do it for me. In any way.

Borrego said...

Hahahahaha, the all the men you have ever dated part made me laugh. But as far as vampires stories go, Anne Rice does a good job creating the characters, give it a shot, regardless of that, don't hate men, there are a lot a good ones out there, and we are worth taking the time to be found, hehe.
Oh, Vampires often congregate in groups, lairs, so maybe they do each other's make up, and they do have eternal life to perfect the art of mirrorless make up application.
Later Yoga Girl