Sunday, November 11, 2007

Road kill

Today I feel like road kill today. My back is still killing me and because of my healing ucler painkiller are off limits. So I doing Restorative Yoga, sipping herbal tea and taking long hot baths. Yesterday went to Vormans Bookstore and bought some brain candy, then stop by Carmines to watch the UCLA game. I was shocked that the bar wasn't packed. Hey, they're always packed whenever USC plays and most of the USC fans NEVER even went to USC. I'm an UCLA girl and correct me if I'm wrong but UCLA is a Southern California school; so why not cheer on the home team? I actually went to UCLA as well as a few other bar flies, but yesterday I was the only UCLA Bar Fly who was sipping on Strwaberry Margueritas cheering my old school team on! Love college football and basket ball as well. I live for March maddness!

Must admit that its' nice staying homebound for the day. It's grey and overcast, they keep predicting rain but so far not one drop. If it does rain it's going to be rough going for all those burn hillsides!
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Diane said...

I went to UC Irvine, so with my schools noticeable lack of a football team, I have always rooted for UCLA over USC!

Yoga Gal said...

Good for you sister friend!

Bridget Jones said...

don't you love thos cuddle at home days??? I sure do.

Clare said...

Hi Yoga Gal! I hope your back is feeling better -- that's too bad about the painkillers. Can you take anything that doesn't have anti-inflamatories in them? The strawberry margaritas sounds yummy -- enough of those should have a numbing effect! I hope you have a really nice week.

Katie said...

I hope your feeling better today!