Saturday, December 1, 2007

Cat scratch fever

A wild momma cat thought it would be a brillant idea to have her kittens in my backyard. Now I'm have three wild kittens that hiss at me and expect me to feed and like the soft hearted suckerthat I am I feed them! I'm trying to find them good home with the students my yoga studio. So far only one person has shown any interest. Well, today one of the kittens got the brillant idea to crawl up in one of my tire wheels last night. Well, kitty had found a warm place to sleep but forgot to leave the place in the morning. This morning I started my car and before I was to turn on to the freeway on/ramp I heard it meowing. So I stopped the car and saw the kitty make a mad dash for the ivy. I thought , well it's a wild cat , that has never allowed me to pick it up so I hope some kid finds it and gives a good home. It can happen. One down two to go.

It could have been worst, once my friend said a wild kitten had crawl up on her car engine and guess what happen when she started up her car? Kitty pate anyone?
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Greggo said...

yeah, i've heard of that happening with cats before, but last year i noticed a horrible smell coming from my car for a coupla days. finally, i looked under the hood and found.... a dead bird!

hope you're doing alright, sweetie!


spacedlaw said...

Poor Kitty!
Most of the semi feral cats at work are just as sociable in spite of being in a friendly environment and most of them can't be touched or even approached.
Which made it more special when Microbe started wooing us: he was so affectionate for a stray! (desperate, more like)

Hammer said...

If a cat isn't touched by a human by the 6th week it will forever remain a wild cat.

I hate it when they crawl up next to the motor...

Reeta Skeeter said...

Girllllllllllllllllll!!!! Amazing pic!!! Must say!

Anonymous said...

Aww poor lost kitty ... but they soon learn how to survive.