Thursday, December 20, 2007

Love is in the air, quite clearly, people everwhere act queerly

Okay, I haven't even lifted my first champange glass to toast the New Year yet today when I went Joanna's Crafts store they already had decorations out for VALENTINE'S DAY! Damn, we haven't even celebrated Christmas and they want us to think about Valentine's Day!
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Ash said...

Now thats some clever marketing!

spacedlaw said...

As if time didn't fly by too fast already!

Blue said...

ROFL are you sure it wasn't an excuse to get started on the chocolate??

Anonymous said...

That just sucks.
I remember the same thing this year at Halloween. I saw tons of Christmas-y stuff being put out long before the end of October. I agree...can't we focus on ONE commercially swamped holiday at a time?

Anonymous said...

Eww, those retailers sure know how to ruin the festive season with over commercialisation. Ba Humbug to Valentine's Day!