Saturday, May 17, 2008

Greetings from Bean Towne sorry no pictures...

Thanks for all the good wishes!

I'm really enjoying my stay here but wish I had wings for my feet are killing me. But this is a most enchanting town to walk around.

The weather has been beyound perfect! Today is was sunny and a warm 70 degrees. I walked along the Charles River where a lot of the natives were enjoying the sunshine as well. Being from Southern California I can't help but notice how pale the natives are. Then they don't get sunshine the way we do in California!

Yesterday it was raining but it was a soft gentle rain and rather fun to walk in as I walked from one fine museum to another through a beautiful park. But my feet were so swollen that I had to take a cab back to my hotel from the Boston Museum of Fine Art. I left my umbrella in the cab , RATS! I didn't even bother to open it while I was walking in the rain for I had a baseball cap on and really didn't need it.Still, more rain is due so I bought one in the hotel store which was far more pricey than an umbrella should be. But what can you do?

The yoga classes at the conferences are packed making taking a class feel like sardine yoga. The students are not a advance as the students in L.A. but that's due to the fact that there is a limit of teachers and studios out here I guess. Most the teachers at the conference teach in L.A. or come to a L.A. studio during the year to give workshops so a yoga students in L.A. can advance and improve their practice. Still, the people have been rather nice and it's always great out of a L.A. mode of thinking.

The women been asking me where I get my yoga clothes and I say I live in Los Angeles and they all say:' "That explains your cute outfits." Every studio in L.A. sell yoga wear and a lot of those are designed out in California as well. Makes me feel like the hip girl in high-school and believe me; I was far from the hip girl while I was in high-school!

Can't wait until I get back and will be able to post the photos I've taken of this lovely town!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Glad you are enjoying your visit ... except for the swollen feet of course. Looking forward to the photos.

Sacred Suzie said...

Sounds like the trip is going well and I envy you being able to buy all those yoga clothes. I find that no matter where I go they are super expensive!

EmilyLady said...

I tend to wear flimsy sweatpants for yoga ....

How funny that you noticed the difference in complexion up here. I imagine we don't get nearly as much sunshine as you do.

I'm glad you could enjoy the rain, since I'm rather tired of it (as I think you could decipher from the weather entries on my own blog).

I'm glad you're having such a great time -- and you have a good weekend too!


minijonb said...

i'm sure you'll take some awesome pix of the town.

so LA is the yoga capitol of the country, eh?