Friday, May 9, 2008

NO! On Proposition 98

Thanks K!

California has the most beautiful coast line , or at least in my opinion and most of it belongs to the people. Most are cared for by our Parks Department. But now due to our good actor Governor Arnold miss management of our tax funds , he says the State can't afford to care for these great beaches. BULL SHIT! He made his great fortune as a developer and wants to get his greedy hands on some of this gorgeous coast real estate and build condo and God knows what else! These building will block the view from the common person and give only the rich access to beaches that should be public! NOT ON MY WATCH! I hate Malibu for you can't see the beaches and have to know the secrets paths ways to get to the beaches! Our coast line should belong to all of us.

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EmilyLady said...

I've never been to California but gather from your photograph that even I would enjoy the coastline --and I think I once mentioned to you that I'm not a great lover of beaches ... but that's the New England coast, and I'm sure the shores of California are much different and probably more wholesome.

And I wish you the best of luck in your struggles!