Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tea & Sympathy


Mich- you are indeed a psychic friend! Your card was right on the money! I'm going through this creative period and beginning new projects. Sketching like a woman possessed , working on ideas for some paintings. I paint on a very large scale. So I've been attending a lot of art museums to get inspiration. I returned to the Huntington Library and went to the galleries and walked through the beautiful gardens. Taking in the gorgeous colors and shades of nature. I took Cat's advice and enjoyed luncheon in the Tea Room where I sipped tea and champagne and enjoyed an spread of goodies! Brought along a copy of Jack Kerouac's novel "The Subterraneans". Jack Kerouac is such a wondeful writer , a man that lived on the edge and wasn't afraid to bare his soul on paper and that is a true artist. It's not enough to write witty clever words or even to express things beautifully, an artist must show their inner demons and ghosts. And I'm not writing about the enchanting demons and ghosts Neil Gaiman writes about (although his books are delightful and full of charm) I'm writing about those darks corners of our souls that we are frighten to look into and exam. That is when art is the most powerful and true.

It was a lovely day. Plus, when I got home I found a package from UPS of six bottles of wine from my wine club! So tonight, I'll be sipping a glass or two, four hell why not a whole bottle of Castoro Cellar's finest vintage and drawing like mad!

Mich- do me a favor and put out a relationship card for me. Is love out there for me? Just wondering.

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Cat said...

Next time let me know and I'll join you!

Anonymous said...

Cool. Sounds good to me. Cheers ... the wine sounds like my ideal evening in too!

dharmabum said...

haven't read that book, but the man does write very honestly, and with a raw passion for life.
hope u enjoy the wine, thanks and cheers!

Mich said...

Hello my dear friend,

I feel there is a relationship for you ... a deep passionate love ... however you have some healing to do before it manifests.

I published the full reading on my blog


Sacred Suzie said...

You know, I have never gone for high tea like this. I wish I had, it looks wonderful. I hope there is love in the cards for you very soon my friend and no rush on the delivery, you are just too sweet to send me anything.

Yoga Gal said...

Would love to have high-tea with you Cat. Thanks Mich for the reading, I know I have a lot of healing ahead. Just wondering if I can EVER trust a man to touch me again.Thanks all for the good karma.

Lori said...

This sounds delicious! So happy you are being inspired and treating yourself! Great! I agree with you about him, terrific author, not afraid of his emotions.

Bridget Jones said...

What a great time you had! YOu've inspired me for the weekend--thanks!

Mich said...

Yes you will ... he will be gentle ... and wonderful ... and he will love you deeply and make you feel safe. He will support you as you build yourself up again. What a wonderful love it will be!


Carnal Zen said...

Love isn't "out there" for you. It's inside. Deep abundant self love will attract a partner.

Bridget Jones said...
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