Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Whatz love got to do -got to do with it?


I believe women get a bad rep for being the only creatures that have a gold digging nature ; men can suffer from the gold digging gene as well! Yesterday afternoon, while sipping my Lemon Drop Martini the young women next to me stated that she was so happy that I (a woman sat next her)she stated that the last time she was in the sports bar for lunch these guys started giving her the third degree. She said they asked her where she worked, what she did, what kind of car she drove, where she lived, if she lived in a house, condo or an apartment, "They sounded as if they weren't even interested in me!" she said but these guys just seem to be sizing up her income. I smiled and said I know these guys and she was correct they were no doubt sizing up her financial situation. These guys had been married before and burned and once bitten twice shy. A pretty face isn't enough anymore they want the whole package. Well, boyz it works both ways. These jokers often tease me saying I looking for a rich man, which is horse hockey! I have my own money! I don't need another's man cash! Besides you always pay far to much a cost if you go for a man for just his money. No, it's not money I'm looking for. But how shallow can a guy be to only look at a woman financial situation before he would think of dating her. We all have more than just MONEY to offer a relationship!
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Hammer said...

I've found that if you get involved with a financial cripple they will happliy drag you down with them.

Marrying for money is not the "pretty woman" or cinderella fantasy like the movies show.It's an old stinky man with bad habits buying a pretty wife or girlfriend like he would a sports car.

Anonymous said...

Very sad that love/life/relationships are being turned into just another cash motivated transaction. I have my own money too and I certainly don't size up a man for his chq book. I'd rather find someone I can be great friends with and who thinks on the same wave-length as me. Why bother otherwise. Can be as miserable with the wrong person as with being on your own.

Ash said...

Like they say - "Never marry for money. You can borrow it much cheaper"


Sacred Suzie said...

Well that's the truth! I feel bad that I don't have my own money and depend on a man, it bothers me a lot but there's little I can do about it.

We judge people so much these days when it comes to material things, it is so sad.

Bridget Jones said...

A frickin' men!

Bridget Jones said...

p.s. I've found that the guys who are interested in money never have any of their own and are only intereested in mine.

Rachelle said...

But I think that when men do that, their purpose is to weed out the potential golddiggers, not to determine if the woman could support them. Which is probably a good idea since there are so many vapid, unambitious women out there who have no intention to ever earn a dollar on their own!

Cat said...

That being said I would have a hard time dating a guy that didn't have a degree, maybe I have odd priorities but that is my bottom line.

Middle Ditch said...

My man has no money and nor do I. And guess what? We have been together for 30 years.

Motto, no money can make you happy.

Those guys don't know what they are doing.


Carnal Zen said...

Money doesn't appeal to me BUT it's a good indicator if a potential mate has their *&% in order. Debt up to the eyeballs is a bad sign but a simple lifestyle on low cash and a job he loves - I'm IN!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this post and agree wholeheartedly with every point you make here.
I struggle financially being a single mom, and so many of my friends keep telling me to just get married.
Ummm....I can't even date a guy I'm not attracted to, let alone marry one just for a free ride.

Also, yes....many guys these days are looking for financial security, not an authentic, loving woman.
Cripes. I might be single forever!