Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gene pool


I was rather shocked and heartbroken to read in the paper that in the month of March , Sylvia Plath & Ted Hughes' son Nicholas Hughes commited suicide, by hanging himself in his home in Alaska. People just don't realize how deadly an illness depression is. It's not just a simple case of get over it, it's a chemical disorder in the brain. I suffer from depression and have great compassion for those who suffer from it. Still I always wondered what knid of husband Ted Hughes was, he was a talented poet but I think rathe rhard on his women. For not only did Sylvia Plath kill herself by putting her head in the oven but so did his second wife Assia Wevill, who not only gas herself plus killed their three year old daughter as well! Damn, what a tragedy! Not certain of Ted Hughes relationship with his women, (he destroyed all the negative notes that his famous wife Sylvia wrote about their relationship) but he did chose some highly strung women. But who knows what goes on in matters of the heart and our souls. I only know that at times the darkest can grown so deep it feels impossible to ever find the light.

Did anyone miss me? My computer was down due to a virus! I took it to the Best Buys in Pasadena so that the brillant computer doctors of Geek Squad could cure the virus. It wasn't cheap, was $400! I had over 57 virus on the thing! But there was a silver lining to this headache. I started writing letters viva snail mail and found how realxing writing a letter long hand can be. When you do e-mail I sometimes faster than I think. But writing long hand, more thought comes with each stroke of my fountain pen. I can now understand why the writer Neil Gaiman, writes his works in long hand with a fountain pen. His prose has a Victorian's poetic lyric flow to it.

So ladies and gentlemen out on the world wide web, if you enjoy snail mail send me your snail mail address via my e-mail address and I'll be happy to write you. Truly. I find writing letters to be a great mental exercise.

Well, I'm back, hope someone out there on the world wide web missed me.
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Hammer said...

You were missed.

I've suffered from depression for long periods and I just thought I was sick at the time. I can see how some folks could hit rock bottom from feeling like that constantly.

Yoga Gal said...

Thnaks Hammer,missed you too.

Cat said...

I missed you, couldn't figure out where you went, glad your back!

Anonymous said...

We did miss you ... but assumed you were taking a bloggers break. I think it rather sad that mental depression is probably hereditary in the case of this guy.
Have fun doing the snail mail thing ... I prefer the speed of the internet, but still like to get proper newsy emails rather than blog bites.
It's great you are now virus free from what I hear is about to strike us all on April 1st. I'm hoping it's a joke of course!

cherry girl said...

I missed you too. I haven't been blogging much lately but have you on my bloglines :)

I have suffered from depression since I was a teenager too, something that rears its head so often. I believe that having my children helped me to get over my suicidal thoughts but not to get rid of that gut wrenching sense of worthlessness that depression can bring. It's so sad about Nicholas Hughes.

Princess in Galoshes said...

Hey! Welcome back! I was wondering where you had gone.

Yoga Gal said...

I should had listened to Cherry Girl's advise and never opened mass e-mails. Think that's where I got my virus. Just don't logged in on April First and don't open any e-mails unless you know the person!

altadenahiker said...

I'm glad you're back because I was tired of eating cake.

goatman said...

Death by ones' own hand is always very sad, to me. What pain has to be endured to end a few years of life viewing creation, a mere peek, only to be gone for a billion years?

I know that many hope for more but really, what if they are wrong. Ceasing to exist is ceasing to exist!!

Middle Ditch said...

Yes, I missed you too. And yes, the death is very sad. It must have been inherited. I don't think Ted was a nice guy.

On a snail mail note, my husband always likes to write everything by hand, something I smiled at but now understand. I do it occasionally too and it is very relaxing.