Sunday, March 8, 2009

My lunch with Simone De Beauvoir


I can't walk into a shop in Westv Hollywood that sells coffee or tea without seeing people at their laptops, working on that great American Screenplay. As I enjoyed my luncheon at Le Pain of white wine and a ham & cheese omelet, I sat among the Twittering maniacs, future screen-writers of the town , I read the book, a collection of letter of Simone De Beauvior.

Reading the newspapers these days is so bloody depressing that I'm suffering from heahaches. Even driving around the up scale neighborhoods of West Hollywood or Pasadena you see "Bank Owned" for sale signs, now I hear that FUIC insuring your cash in the bank is being over stress by so many banks going under.

Reading Ms. De Beauvoir's letters, telling the details of the nightmare of living in occupied France and getting up in the dead of night to throw on her robe and dash to the underground Metro and walking back out wondering if her apartment building had been bombed, made me realize, that things could be worst and that hard times can make us strong.

After all, this too will pass.
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Hammer said...

Too many have been living fast and loose on imaginary nonexistant money and over extended credit for the last 20 years. I guess it's time for a wakeup call, an attitude adjustment and getting back to being a producers rather than consumers.

You are right. This will pass.