Wednesday, April 29, 2009

But the chalice from the palace has the brew which is true


Another great winery in Paso Robles valley, is Eagle Castel. their red zinfandel is just divine! Plus, the people are really nice.

Not doing much today though, think I may have the Swine Flue you hear so much on the news, vomiting, diarrhea, dizzy, I ache all over and yes, I have a fever! Well, how bad can it be? It's the flue! Can't drive, well, staying at this inn by the sea is far cheaper than a stay in a hospital and I have a full ocean view! Not surprise I caught this thing, been eating out every day and just because my waiters and waitress maybe a Gringo or Gringa , the people who cook my food are from South of the Border. So, sleeping a lot and drinking Gartor-aide and green tea. And water of course!
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goatman said...

You sure about that wine??

Hammer said...

Take care of yourself.

I would rather be at a winery than a hospital any day.