Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Greeting from the edge

Just when I thought all the dust of disorder has began to settle down and I can move on with my life, another monkey wrench of fate has been thrown into the works and my life falls into a vortex of confusion. After our last storm system, I noticed that my roof was showing signs of leaks! Rats! So for the pass few weeks contractors have been by giving me their song and dance and giving me quotes on the estimated cost on installing a new roof. Price quote went from OMG to WTF! The big end construction companies quoted over ten grand!!!! Do they think, I'm made out of money! And I live in a very humble, one story, three bedroom house! What are the cost for the big, two story mansions in Southern California? I feel emotionally exhausted from listening to these contractor give me their facts and figures as if I'm been interviewed by a vampire! This is not the time to give up drinking!

Don't know how I'm going to come up with the cash but I do have a CD that is due to mature. Damn, this house has become a money pit! But, I really shouldn't complain. When I see the images from Japan, i grateful I have a roof over my head, even if it has leaks! It's not just the earthquake but damn; the destruction of that tsunami! My heart went out to they.

This Sunday my friend Steve and I went to Little Tokyo in downtown Los Angeles and there was a group of kids collecting for the earthquake relief and of course Steve and I just had to make a donation. But really, I can't image what those poor people are going through; even with those nightmare photo; those people lost everything!

So who am I to complain over paying for the replacement for a roof!My prayer are with you in Japan!


goatman said...

One thing about roofs that I have learned is that, if it is a shingle roof and has only one layer installed (the original roof) you can safely add one more shingle layer on top of that. This is a standard solution to leaks here in midwest and is structurally sound -- did it on my roof 15 years ago. This saves the cost of tearing off the original layer of shingles.

Sorry to hear of your mother's death.
I know it doesn't help but I lost both parents last year. A truly desolate time but it is slowly becoming history.

Your resume should tactfully indicate that you had a personal commitment during that time, and leave the details for the interview. (from a long-time resume writer now retired.)

J Cosmo Newbery said...

It all defies imagination.

Yoga Gal said...

Thanks goatman!

boneman said...

ah yes... open the ceiling to see the stars? or fix it so rain doesn't come in.
Go with the standard, health, welfare, and safety.
For your health, no hole in the ceiling/roof is better.

I thought you had BAD news...
but maybe that was bad news, good news, and the same ol' news.
Like, you're down at the beach, practicing your yoga, a seal comes up and you two are grooving on looking at each other when suddenly, out of nowhere, a Department of Natural Recources steps up to you and says, "I'm sorry mam. You'll have to pay an extra $1500 to have a seal as a pet, and you'll have to prove you can keep it in a manner it is accustomed to."
"But I don't take care of it at all, officer. It jus...."
"Oh, well. That's different. You're going to have a healthy fine for that!"
"No no," you object," It ISN'T my seal. It just comes up here sometimes."
"Oh, really?" the officer replies... "then you won't mind showing me, will you?" and he instructs you to move away from the seal.
And it likes you and thinks the officer is harsh, so it follows you around on the beach....
so the bad news is you paid the fine, the good news is you got the license to have a seal and you named him George, and the same ol' news is, he ran off with some soft furred floozy from up north... around the Bay.