Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mourning becomes Electra

I haven't posted for months-due to the fact that since my mother's death I feel adrift in a sea of grief, What drives me wild, is that in this culture people want to expedite sorrow. I've been told to lift up my chin and get on with on with my life! Really? My mother was my touch stone, the one person I feel who truy love me, for who I am nit who they think I am! She shared all my secrets and my dreams and now she is gone and I have no one to share these things with! I loss my closeness friend and dear companion! For the pass seven years I was her care giver and now I'm also out of a job and it's not easy finding a new job with a seven year gap in your resume. But I don't mind! It was the best seven years of my life, they were golden and I love that fact that I care take care of the woman who took care of me! We made great memories! Now; I'm alone and lost!


Z said...

I'm so sorry about your mother. My mother died eight years ago and there are still some things that no one else will understand in the way that she did. I have several blog friends who say they haven't 'recovered', whatever that means, from their mothers' deaths after some years - it's not that they can't be happy and that they constantly look back, but it's a place that can't be filled.

Yoga Gal said...

Thank you Z. you are so correct it's a gap that can't be filled!