Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Try never get drunk outside your own house." Jack Keronac

This is a no brainer. One factor, no one should hit the road after having a few but the cost of buying a few cocktails has gone up so high that you need to take out a loan to get a good buzz on at a bar these days! Even at a dive bar, a martini can be as high as $10 a drink, at most bars in LA it's up to $12! There has always been a 100% mark up on liquor but these days I think it has gone up to 150%! Damn! For the cost of three drinks I can buy a full 1.75 liter bottle of fine booze for the same cost and I can make my drinks stringer!

There is a classic 1940 movie titled
The Lost Weekend" where a man with a major drinking problem take $10 and with that he buys five drinks at a bar and buys two bottles of booze! Now that was the good old days!

So here to mixing your own and cheers!


boneman said...

short tumbler (8 oz.) fill with hard ice, fill with Southern Comfort and a shot of kahlua.
Gone? Add more Comfort, s& shot of Kahlua.
Add Southern Comfort and be sure that you came with a gentleman with warm hands and integrity, and possibly condoms.
Well...the bottle is in your purse, now, so take a pull off it and wake your new found friend up and say you want a massage...


Canary said...

Been forever! Somehow got ur blog again and beginning to read up on what I have lost :) How have u been? :)

Happy Jack said...

Someone just told me I need to read "On The Road" by Jack Kerouac! I don't remember how I got here, but two Kerouac references in one day, actually 2 hours, I guess I need to go find that book. By the way, great blog! I'll have to come back and read more!