Friday, July 20, 2012

I fought the Law

I feel like I just won a "Get out of jail free" card! Today the traffic cop who issued me a ticket didn't show up! Case dismissed and I walk free! As a matter of fact, a lot of the the Traffic Police didn't show up this afternoon. Some stated that these Peace Officers don't like to show up, late on a Friday afternoon. My officer was a very attractive and a young man; so I had a gut feeling he may have better plans than to show up to court on a Friday afternoon, leaving him free to enjoy a long weekend. It was a bogus charge, which is why I decided to fight my ticket. But I learned once, long ago, when I went to Traffic School, is the first thing you do, is remain calm when you get your ticket, don't say a word, then when you get your notice, asked for an extension! Then hope the Peace Officer doesn't show up! It worked for me! Drive safely and keep your eyes pealed for the Man!


Z said...

Well done - I didn't think that showing up in court was voluntary for a police officer!

goatman said...

You tricky devil you!