Monday, March 25, 2013

The Cure

This afternoon I was watching an old movie on the cable, station TCM and in it, the female lead used the phrased; "Taking the cure" for addressing her drinking problem. Back in the day people said;"Taking the Cure" not "Rehab". Then, like now, mostly the rich, "Took the Cure", as the rich here go to over-priced Rehab Centers in the Malibu hills, with beautiful vistas of the Pacific ocean. The results of success were about the same then as now about 50/50. For "The Cure" & "Rehab" only address the symptom of drinking or other drug abuse, not the reality that that life can be very hard on our hearts, minds, and souls! Often we drink or take drugs as a way to numb ourselves to the pain, confusion, and heartache of life. There are times I feel so over-whelmed with loneliness that I want to crawl out of my skin! But, thank goodness, I don't reach for a drink or drugs to numb the pain but I can understand why people do.  There is no cure or rehab for heartache, we just have to breath and live through it, with prayers and love.

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Z said...

In the same way, prescription drugs - anti-depressants or sleeping pills - mask the symptoms of unhappiness or stress without helping recovery and one can wind up addicted or dependent. Your last sentence is so true. It can be a slow process, but I hope you can find something to appreciate every day and maybe enjoy. Hold that moment of pleasure. And it gets better as you heal.

Struggling myself a bit at present, but trying to practise what I preach.