Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Okay, it's time for you twice of year Cathloics to get ye to Mass! I remember that going t0 Mass was a total pain because my parents always went to Mass very week and on Christmas and Easter I would see faces in church I never saw before. Plus the parking lot was packed as well as the pews. Must the time you couldn't find a place to sit but had to stand along the walls. Even last chance Mass, (the Mass held at 7:00 p.m. )would be full up. As if God only notice the devout twice a year. I haven't been to Mass in ages. But I believe one lives a devout life serving the spirit of our Lord in our hearts, actions and prayers. Still, Easter is a beautiful holiday. It's a reminder of rebirth, renewal of love and spirit and hope. Happy Easter!
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dharmabum said...

what a wonderful thought. i believe practices like going to mass were institutionalised with the purpose of inculcating spirituality through rigorous practice, if you know what i mean. somewhere, the spirit was lost, but the physical act just stuck on i suppose.

i second your belief on devout living

Middle Ditch said...

I went to Mass once on Christmas eve and it was packed. I loved the service.

Anonymous said...

I'm not Catholic so I haven't ever been to Mass, but I love the "special day" services of Churches in general. It is as if everyone puts aside the shoddiness of the world for just an hour or two and all come together with rare harmony. Lovely.
I hope you had a great Easter.

cherry girl said...

Renewed love, spirit and hope - sounds like a great holiday to celebrate. I just wish it wasn't so early in the year, it definitley doesn't feel like spring here yet, snow showers and freezing temperatures - still there are pink blossoms on the trees and daffodils so not long now!

Ash said...

Hope you had a wonderful Easter!