Sunday, March 30, 2008

Reality check

Women who read "My Space"; beware!

Yesterday before stopping to the Dodger/Red Sox game, I stopped by my favorite sport's bar in South Pasadena. While there I began a quick chat with a fellow bar fly.

The guy is a nice guy but he told me how he wants to "Nail" (his words not mine) some woman on a reality show. So he e-mailed her and told her to look at his "My Space" profile. In his profile he's driving a Ferri (hope I spelled that correctly) he doesn't own such a car (or can even afford to lease such an expensive car) he has a picture of himself in a rock band( a garage rock band) but looks like he's playing in a huge professional venue, has a photo of himself in a helicopter(he claims he owns the helicopter on his My Space page) as well as owns a private jet.
I said to him : "Dude: don't you think that even if this woman does answer your e-mail and agrees to meet you, won't she want to see your hot sports car and helicopter?" This guy lives with three other guys and can barely paid his bar bill and he claiming on his "My Space" page he's a rich rock and roll back-up player.
"Well;" he said; " I know a friend who has a Ferri, I can borrow his!"
"Still dude", I stated "If she's so shallow to go for you for your imaginary money , she's going to want you to spend some on her." The guy is nice but lacks a lot of social charm and is at best average in man attraction. If the subject isn't sports he can't hold a conversation and we all know how seductive beautiful women love to talk about Sports! NOT!
Well, ladies I'm writing this to tell you to "Be afraid, be very afraid!" Just because you read it in "My Space" doesn't make it true!
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Greggo said...

it's so easy to 'pretend' online, and you really have to be careful. actually.... i met my wife online, and it took me a while to realize that she was not always honest about who she was when we met. then again.... that can happen in real life too. lol.

Anonymous said...

I'd be very surprised if anyone bought that storyline "online." Anyone who is seriously wealthy would hardly advertise it on the net ... asking for trouble.
Yes, it is wise to treat everything you read with some caution.

Sacred Suzie said...

It is frightening to actually meet one of these phonies face-to-face and the language he used...that is the kind of person you definitely want to stay clear of. What is truth in this online reality? There is so little truth.

Oh and I do pay off my credit card every month now, so exciting! Although when we finally buy a car, hello debt again.

Rachelle said...

Any person who falls for something they read on Myspace like that deserves whatever they get... it's freakin Myspace!!!

claytonia vices said...

But it's very easy to catch those liars in real life. One just needs to watch a little carefully without getting carried away...