Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Someday he'll come along. the man I love., and he'll be big and strong, the man I love


Finally feeling better, still a little weak but much better. Decided to take a short drive and stopped by the local Starbucks on PCH for a cup of Refresh tea. California weather is so crazy, early Sunday morning it was pouring rain but by Sunday afternoon it was gloriously sunny. Today was a lovely crisp day! While sipping my tea I overheard two women talking. When one of the women remarked that last night one of her friends attemped suicide as casually as one would state , "Last night she got a new hair cut." I was rather shocked. Judging from the converstaion the "friend" attempted suicide because she was broken hearted over a man.

I was sitting so closed to them, they knew I overheard what they were talking about and being female, instead of being outraged, they asked me to join the conversation. These two women then asked me the most usual question, "Do you think a married man would ever leave his wife for his mistress?"

"No" I stated,"A married man will never leave his wife for a mistress for then he loses a mistress!" Why would you want a married man to leave his wife for you in the first place? Talk about your bad karma.

Then the women asked me: "Why are all the men I meet are married?" I wanted so to answer that question with a question:
"Why are the only men you are attracted to are married?" I meet men all the time and I'm no beauty. But I have no trouble meeting men, even in cold L.A. City of Angels.

They began talking to me about men and wanting to meet a man they can have a relationship with. I then asked them what was their idea of their ideal man.

I went wild with their answer for they were so vague. One thing I agree with the book "The Secret" it tells you to write down exactly what you want! These two women were more detailed about their Starbuck's coffee drink then they were about their ideal man.

I don't know if I'm jaded but the last thing I worry about is finding a man!

Still, last week I was taken aback when I read that a 106 year old, single, Chinese woman who has never been married, was considering looking for a HUSBAND! One hundred and six and she's looking for a man to love?

Some dreams never die!
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Aggie said...

Lol! Married men ... tell me about it. One I know recently dumped his wife of 16 yrs, his 2 very young dependant children, to chase after being so called "in love." His mistress is now pregnant and they are living together. My question would be why do it all over again if you can't be responsible with the first lot? Most Men are simply stupid as far as I can work it out. As for women who get involved with guys who have a wife/family already ... CRAZY!!!
I think they all must suffer from incredibly low self-esteem and don't think they are worth anything else??? Too sad!

Yoga Gal said...

Crazy, indeed Aggie!

cherry girl said...

Unless she got to 106 and decided she finally had time to get married ! ;) I have never dated a married man and don't see the point in coming second best and isn't it cheating on two people - both women lose and the man wins! Suprise suprise!

Bridget Jones said...

Aggie I agree with you. The guy I was married to dumped me for someone else that he got 'with child', and then dumped her...and as far as I know is on 'wife/gf' number 5 or 6.

That poor 106 year old lady, can you imagine how lonely she must feel? I can't identify with that feeling, but the poor thing.