Thursday, February 28, 2013

Apocalypse Now

 When I tell people that I'm a fan of Science Fiction, often, most think only of Star War, sometimes Star Trek or Comic Book adventures, not realizing the rich literature that addresses the facts that the events of today are shading our future. Last night read the must interesting short story by the Hugo winning author, Maureen McHugh, title "After the Apocalypse". What impressed me with story, was how settled she wrote of the events that brought on her dark apocalyptic future. She wrote of rounding black out and raising gas prices that broke our economy's back.  We are lead to believe that the apocalypse with come riding down on us with the crushing hooves of plague, war, and destruction but I feel that the final days will come to us more settle way. Like Christ stated, "Like a thief in the night." I am witnessing our Middle-Class being destroyed by the greed of the so title One Precent of the rich, sending jobs over- seas, college cost going up so high only the rich can afford  a college education, gas prices keep raising making the cost of everyday items raise up as we won't be able to afford to buy them, banks giving so very low interest rates that  they rob the people of the money they use to get rich on and weather that changes are so extreme  that it causes our farmers to destroy their crops before they have a time to flourish, not to mention my country men fighting in wars in the Middle-East that will never end or be won! If these are not signs of an apocalypse what is?

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Z said...

Although SF often prophesies fabulous inventions, it's remorselessly gloomy in its predictions of our fate. Nothing that happens seems to contradict that, unfortunately.