Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Riding the wave

Songs have been written about the "Circle of Life" but actually, life doesn't move iu a circle but moves in a spiral, continuously moving in an increased or decreased acceleration. Sometimes you are riding on top of that big wave of life, then there are times you are pulled into a vortex of a waves undertow.  If you don't panic, you can ride that wave safety back to the beach, without much damage.  One reassuring fact of the spiral, is that no matter how low you go it will never be lower then that last spin into darkness you experienced for a spiral always runs upward. Currently, my health seems to be going into a lower spiral, a cough, slight shortness of breath but far from the dire health condition that caused my lungs to almost completely collapsed.  I'm much stronger, I'm back to doing yoga and gaining strength in my body. So this slight set back in health isn't causing me great concern for I feel I can ride this wave back to a safe shore.  So my friends, surfs up!

1 comment:

goatman said...

Your photos make me want to see the sea once again.
Glad to hear you are on the rising part of the upward spiral.