Thursday, February 21, 2013

Home Improvement

"You are perfect the way you are. And... there is still room for improvement." zen master Shannon Suzuki

In this western thinking, United States, when we think of self-improvement, the main issue we think of is weight loss and nothing else!  Weight is a multi-million dollar business, in the States.  Jennifer Hudson, a beautiful, curvy young woman, has made more money, being a spoke model for Jenny Craig, than using her God given gift of a beautiful singing talent! Dr.Oz shows, spends more time with weight loss then any other health issue. While watching commercial network TV, you cannot go through those mind-numbing commercial breaks without having, at lease one major commercial from a weight loss product or weight loss program. Damn America: are we so shallow?  We are more than just our body mass! We are creatures blessed with a heart, mind and soul! Why not work on improving those! Why not work on being better people, not just thinner people!


Z said...

I love the quotation. But there's a lot of money to be made from making people - usually women - hate something about themselves. If they started with acceptance, then looked for something they wanted to (and could) change, it would be a fine thing.

goatman said...

I guess better thinner people is the goal of the commercial world but we usually mute the sound so know not exactly what they purvey. But you are right I think, appreciating the inner self over material self is best, if you can get away from the noise in where we live.
I always liked Mama Cass because she seemed to love herself, and sang really pretty.