Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The jacarandas are in bloom again...

I would rather stick needles in my eyes than pay a visit to the dentist but whenever my sinus fair up I cursed with such intense tooth pain I must obey and visit the office of steel hooks and drills. Everything is so high tech these days, my x-rays were taken with a digital camera and there was a computer screen in every tiny dental area. The young assistant just typed in my named and pulled up all my pass data and after my x-rays were taken they were displayed on the flat computer screen.

My dentist then made his appearance and poked around in my mouth with his shrap steel tools and said only major tooth cleaning (4 hours of work) and two small cavities caused my the breaking down of two fillings on my back teeth from grinding my teeth at night. I wasn't aware that I grind my teeth for when I awake my jaw feels find.

My dentist gently took my hand and said: "Sweetie (people are always calling me by tender endearments , sweet heart, dear, baby it means nothing just they see me a child more than a woman) I understand how being a caregiver can be very stressful. I see this often with people in your situation." Great what am I to do? Yoga ? Dry martinis? I sighed and he suggested that maybe I will need a mouth piece to wear in my mouth at night. But he won't make a decision until the work is completed.

Didn't even start the work just paid for the x-rays and made three different appointments for this Friday, next Tuesday and one in June.

While driving home I drove down La Curarta and noticed that the jacaranda trees were in bloom again; a breathtaking drive under a canopy of lavender colored flowers. Just beautiful.

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