Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Instant Carma

Man, my car karma is running really badly!!!! Today when taking mom out for errands and a doctor's appointment some asswipe keyed my CAR!!!! I just got the MOTHER back from the shop!!!! I was so cheesed off! And to have a car keyed by a stranger? What's up with that. The last time my car was keyed it was keyed my an ex-boyfriend! A real piece of work he was; he broke off with me over the TELEPHONE and gave me that original line "It's not you it's me! I just not ready for a "Relationship"."

Well, he was ready for a relationship all right, he just wasn't ready for a relationship with ME! Being involved with him, I learned the cruel truth of NEVER DATE SOMEONE YOU WORK WITH!!!! Don't dip you pen in company ink! He was playing the feild at work. He choose to date another co-worker. She had a higher paying position, thinner but a real pizza face HA! But he was also ambitious and she could give him more inside information of what was going on with the powers that be.

After the break up we had to share an office together, which was real fun, like sharing an office with a Terrorist. We never spoke to each other and the tension got worst when he dicovered that I knew that he was moving in with the other woman. One day I ran into them in a uptown bookstore and he walked out but she remained when I got to my car I saw him walking away and then I noticed that he had keyed my car! What a JERK!!!

He was no prize and I wasn't that broken hearted over the break up, what cheesed me off he couldn't be truthful with me in the first place and that he couldn't break up face to face.

Strange seeing my poor car I thought of that dork!

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